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    •  3/5/2014 11:56:46 AM

      For those of you who just watched Chanel 2 News.  Here is the link for the Free Class at Orson Gygi on March 15th at 11am

      and Here is the link for the class at Thanksgiving Point on March 22nd at 11am.


      This was such a super simple recipe, so in case you missed it here it is:


      Creamy Zucchini "Pasta" Bowl


      2 small zucchini (spiralized or thickly shredded)

      a large handful of grape tomatoes, cut in half

      topped with fresh cilantro, sprouts, salt and pepper


      For the dressing:

      1/2 an avocado

      1 TBS water

      1 TBS apple cider vinegar

      1 TBS pesto


      Puree in a blender and then coat the zucchini noodles.

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