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    • Raw noodle bowl

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    •  2/23/2014 8:30:48 AM

      I can't wait to try this simple recipe that I found on

      I've been trying to detox a little lately by adding more raw meals into my diet.  Spiralized zucchini noodles are some of my favorite!

      Tangy noodle salad 3 zucchinis

      1 pack cherry tomatoes .

      use a Spiralizer or vegetable peeler to create long thing strips.

      Chop tomatoes & add to your bowl✅ .

      1/2 mango 2 avocados

      1 inch of peeled ginger

      Juice of 2 limes

      Pinch sea salt & cayenne pepper

      ✅ blend all ingredients until smooth. Mix into your noodles then place in fridge for 20 minutes for the noodles to soak up the sauce✅ Serves 4

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