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    • Another Great Snack for kids

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    •  8/24/2013 10:52:42 PM
    •  A good friend of mine told me about a snack that her kids loved and I thought I just had to go home and test it out on my kids.


      It is a little twist on the age-old favorite - Cinnamon & Sugar Toast


      The difference is that instead of butter she uses Coconut Oil, and instead of sugar she uses Stevia Crystals.  I didn't have any of the crystals and hoped the powdered stevia would work.



      I had one daughter who saw the coconut oil out (which she hates) and wouldn't go near the toast (maybe a few too many experiments on the kids).  But luckily it was a big success with the others.  Fantastic - another mom approved after school snack for the kids!


      2 pieces of whole wheat toast (make sure it says 100% whole wheat)

      1 TBS of coconut oil

      a sprinkle of cinnamon

      a sprinkle of stevia

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