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    • Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

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    •  3/8/2013 11:52:56 AM

      Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite breakfasts!


        I know that sounds so weird.  For some reason the thought of having raw vegetables for breakfast (like a salad) just totally turns me off.  But having a plate of warm yummy veggies like this is what I love on a cold winter morning (in the summers I much prefer cooling smoothies for breakfast).


      This started back when I was trying to have just vegetables for a few days.  I remember lamenting about what to have for breakfast.  Well the thought of hash browns came mind - that's a "normal" breakfast food right?  Well I took it one step further and instead of having a regular white potato, why not a delicious sweet potato!  Add a something green and some sauteed mushrooms and what you've got is a plate of DELICIOUS.  There was still something missing though.  As soon as I paired it with mango salsa (mmmm) I was set!  Shortly thereafter I discovered that having a good source of protein in the morning helped me stay fuller longer.  I am definitely a "breakfast" person and would way rather skip dinner that breakfast.


      Alas, this became the perfect "Breakfast of Champions", especially after a good workout.


      Here's what I did:


      Reheated one leftover baked or steamed sweet potato (I usually do this in my pressure cooker)

      Heat about 1/2 cup black beans

      Saute 3 button mushrooms and a very large handful of spinach


      That's it.  The whole process took me less than 5 minutes this morning (because the sweet potato was already cooked in my fridge).

      Add the salsa (avocado is also really good) and you have a satisfying, nutrient-dense start to your day........although it would be wonderful for lunch...or dinner also!!

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