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    • Sun-dried Tomato Cashew Cheese and Veggie Nut "Bread"- RAW!!!

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    •  4/9/2012 6:30:23 PM

      As I mentioned in my last post I have started to delve a little deeper into the raw food world.  I simply wanted to get more living enzymes into my diet.

      I have been completely inspired by one of my favorite food bloggers, (okay to be honest she is the ONLY food blogger that I currently follow :).  The recipe for this veggie nut bread was inspired by her cinnamon raisin bread (her instructions were so good I even borrowed some of them here - hope that's okay Gena).  It was so fun for me to get into my kitchen and create some delicious raw food.  It was even more fun for me to have my Mom come and visit and absolutely love what I had created - love you Mom!


      Sun-Dried Tomato Cashew Cheese


      1 cup cashews, soaked for 1-2 hours

      juice from 1 lemon

      2 garlic cloves

      2 green onions

      1/2 tsp salt

      1/2 cup nutritional yeast

      3 TBS sun-dried tomatoes (I use the ones from Costco)

      2 TBS parsley




      Cashews are very easy to soak, simply put them in a small bowl and cover them generously with water.  After about an hour or 2 drain off the water and combine all of the ingredients into a food processor.  Continue to pulse until the mixture becomes creamy.  This may require you to stop the machine and scrape the sides down a few times.  When the "cheese" is creamy you can serve it as is, or put it into a container to chill in the fridge for a little while.  I decided to divide it into sections of my "over-sized-ice-cube-tray" and allow it to set overnight.





      I am pretty sure that I need to give up wheat for a little while.  I get completely bloated and it triggers an "addictive" response in me that is embarrassing. It spikes my blood sugar level and I am certain to crave sugar after I've eaten it (even when it is my homemade whole wheat bread).  I have been doing even more research about what we call "wheat" today (which is quite different than the wheat of our grandparents).  Anyway, I will be sure to write more about that another time.  In the meantime, I thought I would give it a go at making a wheat-free raw "bread".  It was deliciously successful and something I will definitely make again~!




      Veggie Nut Bread

      2 cups almonds

      1/2 cup sunflower seeds

      1/2 cup walnuts

      1/4 tsp salt

      2 heaping tsp cinnamon

      1/2 cup flax meal

      1 zucchini

      2 carrots

      1  green apple

      1/2 cup raisins

      3 Tbsp agave nectar

      1) Grind almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, salt, and cinnamon in a food processor fitted with the S blade. Dump the contents into a large mixing bowl, add the flax meal, and set aside.


      2) Shred the carrots, zucchini and apple (skin and all).  I used my handy-dandy SaladMaster machine.


      3) Add all the shredded veggies to the mixing bowl with the spices and the ground nuts/seeds. Add the agave, and mix well with your hands. It should be pretty moist.  You can add a few tablespoons of water if necessary.


      4) Return everything to your food processor, and pulse it till the veggies are a little more broken down and the raisins are all chopped up. You certainly don’t have to do this last step–you could leave the mix much coarser–but I liked the relative smoothness and even texture that re-processing gave the bread.


      5) Spread the mix onto two dehydrator sheets fitted with Teflex sheets. It should be just shy of 1/4 inch thick, and very even. I only have one Teflex sheet, so I spread one onto parchment paper and it worked great.





      6) Dehydrate at 115 degrees Farenheit for about 4-5 hours or so. Flip the dough, score it into squares or rectangles, and dehydrate on the other side for another 4-5 hours. Depending on the temperature of your home and the moistness of your dough, this may take more or less time. I pulled mine out of the dehydrator when it was nice and crispy, but you can also easily choose to leave it a little more flexible.


      7) Break into pieces, and enjoy!


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