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    •  4/14/2012 5:32:43 PM

      I am getting ready to go to New York city and I was searching the web for some apps that might make it a bit easier to find the type of food that I want to eat.  Anyway, just thought I would share a few.


      Vegan smartphone apps are booming, blending convenience with the best of veg life.

      There are literally thousands of products and services available to make your veg-life easier—cookbooks, websites, magazines (ahem)—but what rivals them all for simplicity’s sake is the smartphone app. Since the iPhone boom, scads of apps have hit the market, many oriented toward a cruelty-free lifestyle. We’ve scrolled through and handpicked a list of 10 that bring the best of the veg experience into the palm of your hand. The next time you’re stressing about what to make for dinner or are feeling uneasy about mysterious ingredients, don’t worry—there’s an app to cover it.

      For the iPhone

      Veggie Passport ($0.99)
      With Veggie Passport, your veganism will never be lost in translation. Use Veggie Passport to translate your request for a vegan meal when in foreign countries or to communicate your veganism in other languages.

      Vegan Recipe Finder ($2.99)
      From VegWeb comes Vegan Recipe Finder, bringing its collection of more than 15,000 user-submitted recipes—and counting—to your iPhone. Make breakfast, lunch, and dinner a breeze, as this app includes grocery lists and a recipe box for on-the-go chefs.

      Vegan Steven (Free)
      Vegan Steven seeks out the vegan hotspots in your neighborhood, with clues to vegan discounts all over your city. For tips on where to go and where to avoid, Vegan Steven includes ratings and reviews.


      I also like:

      i Vegetarian V (free)


      iVegetarian is the best vegetarian restaurant guide on iPhone bar none. It's free with a nimble, ergonomic interface: good for the mind, body, soul and pocket. Meat is often transported across long distances and requires refrigeration along the way. Scholars have thus suggested that eating vegetarian contributes to a more sustainable world. If you are looking for vegetarian, vegan, nutrition, health, diet, sustainable, eco, earth, natural, organic, get this app.


      Happy Cow VeginOut Guide ($2.99) — This amazing app is a vegetarian’s dream for finding vegetarian restaurants in more than 90 countries or at your current location.  (I think I might buy this one)

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