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    • My "triggers" to overeating!

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    •  12/17/2012 6:03:16 PM
    • Are there certain foods that you can’t resist?  Where just the smell can trigger a memory or a craving?  Are there special places or events that you just know you will indulge?  Perhaps there is a time of the day (or month :) where you find yourself eating things that maybe you wished you wouldn’t?  For some people it might be the late night snacking, for others it might be the crazy hour when all the kids arrive home from school.


      “TRIGGERS” are what I classify as anything that causes me to either eat MORE than I should, or eat FOODS that I normally wouldn’t, and often regret eating later.


      Well one of my BIGGEST triggers, that almost inevitably leads to overeating, is large social settings where there is a lot of food served buffet style.  This can be a birthday celebration, a major holiday (like Christmas!), a football party, a family gathering, a church function, or even a funeral.  I am the kind of girl that wants to taste everything.  The problem is that when there is a large variety that “little taste of everything” can add to a lot of food and a big tummy ache (although for me, poor eating generally leads to brain fog and lowered energy more than anything else).  And then of course, now that I am being “bad”, I might as well “enjoy” myself before I have to be “good” the next day.


      Have you ever stopped to think what some of your triggers might be?  I know for my hubby the movie theater is definitely a trigger spot.  He wants the whole “experience” of going to the movies, which more often than not, includes a large Diet Coke, Popcorn, and sometimes even ice cream.  I have to have the discipline of an Army General to go to the movies with him :) Maybe that should be one of my goals this week: Attend movies with hubby without coming home feeling crappy!!!


      I have another trigger that is almost uncontrollable…..FREE FOOD!


      I honestly don’t know what it is, but anything free seriously calls to me.  I remember watching an Oprah years ago where they exposed this phenomenon.  They set out a large box of shoes with a sign that said “FREE”.  People went crazy grabbing the shoes.  Well here’s the kicker…they were only SINGLE shoes…no pairs!  When they asked the people later why they took the shoes, the people, somewhat bashfully said, “They were FREE!”


      Yikes, that’s totally me!!!


      For some reason, if I am out and about I can’t resist free food. Even if I don’t like it that much.  One time in particular stands out.  We took our kids to Arctic Circle one evening for ice cream.  I was on a pretty good role avoiding the sugar and I was determined to not have ANY!  Not even a lick of my kid’s! Well sure enough after we order, we sit down and they bring us our ice cream.  Well the guy says, “We accidentally made an extra one, so you can just have it.”  And he hands it right to me. What did I do?  I ate it!!!  Why?  I don’t know…probably because it was free! UGH


      Here are a few more of my triggers.


      • Vacation – for some reason I think this is an excuse to indulge


      • Long car rides – I get very “snacky” and give in to the temptations of my husbands convenient store treats


      • around 3:30pm – interestingly enough this is only during the school week, and just so happens to be when the kids get home


      • Bored, stressed, or emotional


      • Whenever I am in a social setting and people are eating.  Even if I am not hungry, I will still eat right along with everyone else.


      I think the first step of overcoming some of these triggers is first recognizing them, seeing them and confronting them.  The next step is a plan of action or goal-setting.  For example, the next time I go to a party I could make a goal to fill my plate just ONCE.  Even if I give myself to try anything that I want, I can only have ONE plate of food.  I think that would certainly help with eating too much.





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