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    • Keeping Resolutions, getting back on the wagon!

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    •  1/28/2013 7:27:48 PM
    •    January is almost over. I know I made some resolutions to eat cleaner and be more focused on taking care of myself. I have not been perfect or even close to perfect for that matter. It made me think, how do we stay motivated throughout the year?  I read a quote that said, "by this time next year, you will wish you would've started today" or something along those lines. It made me giggle, because its true. There are many times where I set a four week goal and then fall off the wagon only to find that four weeks later I am setting that same goal wishing I would've just followed through.

         I would like to open this post up to all of our amazing readers! We have finally fixed our comments sections and would love some friendly advice and input on how you stay motivated or reason you get back on your horse so to speak.

      Here are a few of my favorites:

      -Get a buddy to go in a the plan with you and hold each other accountable. It's important that you get a buddy that won't let you slide!!

      -Write it down and review your goals daily (first thing in the morning works best for me!)

      -Be forgiving of yourself, don't waste time beating yourself up over mistakes, get right back up and keep going!

      - Keep your word to yourself! Don't over set goals. If you allow yourself to break goals or your word, you will not trust in yourself!


      Anyone else have any ideas?

      Please leave your comments below.


      *If you are looking for help or motivation to eat healthy, check out our Membership page above or come see us around the valley!

      • Continue educating yourself on the benefits of eating whole foods and plants and the health crisis we face when we ingest foods not intended for our well-being. Changing the way we eat is the same as not smoking because it will kill you. The marketing strategies of giant food corporations puts blinders on us making it easy to forget why we make a resolution to eat healthier and safer. My remedy for that is to log into Netflix or whatever movie download resource you have and watch any documentary related to this topic.
      • I LOVE what cannonlilly said. I too think that education is key. I personally figured out that I like charts. To simply check a little box helps me celebrate small successes!
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