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    • Brown Rice Breakfast

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    •  11/17/2012 10:30:52 PM
    •    I love brown rice, but not as much as my kids. I use quinoa a lot and often forget about this delicious and nutritious grain. I made a large amount of brown rice this week (by large amount I mean 6 cups). We used some for dinner, then my kids asked to have it in their lunch boxes the next day. Just plain brown rice! I still had left over in my fridge the next morning and came up with this delicious "treat" for breakfast!


      Brown Rice Breakfast (pic coming soon!)


      2 cups cooked brown rice

      1 1/2 cups plant milk  (rice is our fav)

      1 Tbsp Vanilla

      2 tbsp Honey, agave or other sweetener 

      1/2 tbsp cinnamon

      1 large sweet apple chopped



      Place all ingredients in a medium sauce pan to warm over medium heat.  Enjoy! (makes 4-5 servings)

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