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    • Fall Juice Cleanse

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    •  9/23/2013 9:42:01 PM

       I am sure by now you have heard the term, "juice cleanse" maybe some of you are even avid cleaners, but for those of who are new to the term I wanted to share this very simple and non intimidating cleanse. The best part of this one, you feel full the whole time, I am just finishing up my last day and I feel great! If anything I was feeling a little too full and had to drink less. 


      Why cleanse if you already eat well? There are so many toxins we are exposed, even if we eat perfect.  We still have to breathe and drink water. As much as I hate to think about it, even organic food has exposure to toxins. It is also beneficial to give your organs a break. One of the most surprising side effects I have noticed from my cleanse, PEACE! I have been going through some pretty stressful times the last few weeks and I just felt like I needed something to ground me and bring back the peace. The first thing I thought of was food, what am I eating and how often? WHen I got back on track eating well, the chaos was still there and I was still having a hard time being able to carry my load. It wasn't until I just turned to this juice cleanse that I finally felt in control again. My life situation did not change, but my ability to handle things and think through them clearly did change. It was a pretty neat experience. 

      The cleanse I am following comes from Dr Christopher. I trust his herbs and oils so why not try his cleansing method. You can read all the details here:


      Dr Christopher's three day cleanse


      Happy Juicing! 


      PS. My stressful times = moving to Texas! So excited, our house finally sold!  We are getting out our cowboy boots and saddling up for an exciting adventure! :)

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