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    • my SHOUT OUT!!

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    •  8/20/2010 7:50:21 AM
    • I'M BACK!

                   After being on vacation and spending time away from my normal routine, my eyes were opened to just how difficult eating this way really is.  I have been stuck in my plant based whole food world.  I am just so grateful for the all the people out there that are just starting on this road! Its not an easy step or steps to take. I know it seems like it will never feel normal to eat plants and grains ALL the time, but I can promise that it will come. (boy, is it worth it!!)  Just take it one day at a time and keep going! I think its so awesome to be part of an online community of people who are striving for better. We are all doing  a good thing and deserve a HUGE pat on the back (if not a big hoot and HOLLA!) Its tough out there to always stick with things and follow the whole food way. I am grateful to be home and back at it again with all of you! Can I just say YOU ROCK! I am proud to be part of the plant based whole food world! I love you ALL!!

      ps. And its a big PS. We are working on some exciting new things for our website so keep checking back! Thanks for being part of our site!!!

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