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    • My New FAVE Lunch

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    •  2/9/2012 10:40:52 PM

      I have a confession, I did not like peppers! My kids were surprised when I admitted this to them :) 


      I always tell my kids they have to try something 10-12 times before their taste buds will appreciate the flavor. I decided it was time to take my own advice! For one week I challenged myself to eat a red pepper with my lunch, yep one whole red pepper. At first I was not so happy with myself, prob the same way my kids feel when I tell them they have to take a couple of bites. ha.


      Day two I came up with this fun combo and I must say, its AWESOME! :)

      Red Pepper Lunch




      1 red pepper washed and sliced lengthwise. (6-8 pieces)

      1/2 pre baked yam (I keep 2-3 baked yams in my fridge for moments like this.)

      1/2 bunch kale rinsed and roughly chopped

      Salt and pepper to taste

      Steam kale for 2-3 minutes while mushing the yam with salt and pepper. Spread yam mixture on red pepper slices and enjoy!! Seriously ENJOY! Its so tasty.

      Now I eat a red pepper every chance I get. Yum.


      Take my challenge, make yourself try a new food! Next up for me, raw asparagus...

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