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    • Breakfast of Champions {AND we're on Instagram}

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    •  3/20/2014 9:16:15 AM
    •  We are finally on Instagram and getting it figured out. We are busy moms like the rest of you and thought we didn't have time for that! Well it has been a fun few days and oh so inspiring to share what we eat and see what others are doing around the world. If you are on instagram come find us, our username is: wholefoodmommies  

      My breakfast this morning was inspired by so many vibrant colored pics from instagram browsing yesterday (and the avocado toast is my kids favorite).

      Breakfast of Champions:  Avocado on Whole Grain (or homemade) Bread served with Green Juice!


      Green Juice Recipe of the Day


      1 Bunch of Kale

      4 Celery Stalks

      1 Xlarge Carrot

      3 Broccoli Stems

      1/2 English Cucumber

      1/2 Lemon

      Add a green apple for a little bit of sweetness if you please!

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