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    • Juicing to Go

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    •  6/11/2013 8:45:56 AM
    •  When I know I have a busy week ahead, I try to plan meals in advance or pre make a few items to make meal times easier. When I know I am leaving town, I pre-pack little baggies of veggies to take along with me. Those little veggie baggies are either get gobbled up too quickly or go bad while traveling. I have come up with a new solution for myself. I am traveled on a three day trip last month and tried making a few juices ahead of time. It worked PERFECT! I was so excited to start each day with my juice. It helped me keep on track when eating out. I wasn't starving and making poor food choices. VOILA! My perfect solution. This week I will be heading out of town again for a couple of days. 


      Three days of Juice:



      3 apples

      3 bunches of kale

      1 1/2 beets

      12-15 large carrots

      2 cucumbers

      1 bunch of parsley

      10 celery sticks

      3/4 inch chunk of ginger

      3 lemons

      Finish product:


      Fresh juice is always best, but juice last about three days before losing a significant amount of nutrients. I would rather have two day old juice than compromise and eat something devoid of nutrients. I am actually thinking of making this a habit. Making juice a few days ahead of time means I only get out the juicer three times a week instead of daily planning on it and then never getting to it. I am excited about this new option.  


      Happy Juicing!



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