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    • Quick kale tips

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    •  11/12/2010 9:58:45 PM
    • Lately I have been getting bored with my nightly steamed Kale, which means I end up skipping it. Not good! The last few nights I have tried some new things and LOVED them! I had to share.


      Dinosaur Kale with Leeks and Peppers


       Tonight I steamed my kale as usual, then I sprinkled it lightly with garlic and onion powder, then a bit a dried oregano. It was delicious! Be careful with the garlic, too much will ruin it.

      A few days ago, I had left over Butternut squash and carrot soup that I poured over a big bowl of steamed broccoli and kale, it was a delightful change. 

      I am having fun finding new ways to enjoy my greens!  I would love any other suggestions. Feel free to share :)



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