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    • WEEKLY WEIGH-IN 7-26-09

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    •  8/11/2009 8:29:11 PM
    • Yikes.... I think I will be using that word for the next couple of weigh-ins..... ( back tracking to catch up. I did weigh in, but didn't have my comp to blog it.. forgive me?)

      I weighed in and knew it wasn't going to be a big one.. in fact with having visitors at our house I was planning to have possibly gained.

      I am proud to say that I lost  .2 (yes thats a POINT TWO LOSS)

      I am now considered NORMAL BMI!!!!

      What was that.. congrats to me? Why THANK YOU!!

      Keep on trucking peeps! It's so easy to drop the pounds if you are eating a whole food-plant based diet. If you haven't yet, please read (or listen to) Eat to Live by Joel furhman. It will change your life.


      I still have a quite  few to go to be at my goal weight!!

      Leave a comment with your weight loss. Join me on this path to a happy healthier self!

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