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    • Ziti and "Cheese"

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    •  12/14/2012 7:08:41 PM
    •    I have seen a few vegan mac and "cheese" recipes circulating. I tried one a few years ago when we first changed our diet and it really was not good. I put the idea of ever eating something like that again on the shelf, until now! I was inspired to try again, I pulled out a few ingredients that I have seen used and added my flare. My kids raved about it, I have made it twice since.

      Ziti and "Cheese"




      1 pound whole wheat pasta (I like ziti)

      1/2 cup nutritional yeast

      1/4 bread crumbs

      1 tbsp garlic powder

      1 tbsp onion powder

      1 tsp salt

      1/2 cup plant milk (add more if you want more sauce)

      1 tbsp vegan butter (or any of your choice)


      Cook pasta according to directions. While the pasta is cooking, mix together all the dry ingredients to make the "cheese" sauce in a separate bowl. After draining the water off the pasta, pour in milk and butter  and allow it to melt together. Stir in dry "cheese" mixture. Top with anything or enjoy alone.

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