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    • The Best Quinoa Salad...EVER!

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    •  3/29/2014 12:31:47 PM


      To find and create recipes that are SUPER HEALTHY...

      Full of PLANTS...

      AND (most importantlyKids will Love!

      Check out this amazing Quinoa Salad Recipe HERE.


      We made this salad for lunch today...I count this as WFM KID APPROVED,

      Because 3 out of my 4 children ate it up!  My picky child, who I love dearly...only ate the sweet potatoes.  Last year, he wouldn't even try them- so yes, I celebrated!




      much love, {m}

      • This looks so good, but where is the recipe?
      • I would love to see the recipe!
      • I would love to see the recipe!
      • Click on the green
      • Click on the green word that says "HERE". The whole sentence is "Check out this amazing Quinoa Salad Recipe HERE".
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