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    • 5 Reasons to EAT MORE CABBAGE

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    •  12/4/2013 10:48:56 PM
    • Here are 5 reasons to EAT MORE CABBAGE


      1.  CABBAGE is a CRUCIFEROUS vegetable!  This in of itself should cause you to want to EAT it more!  Cruciferous vegetables have anti-carcinogenic properties...meaning, it helps your body fight off cancer.


      2.  CABBAGE is great for losing weight!  Cabbage is one of the best sources of FIBER out there!  Adding more of this vegetable to your diet (raw or cooked) will fill you tummy without expanding your waistline.  It is a nutrient dense food, low in calories and high in essential nutrients.  The perfect combination when trying to lose weight.


      3.  CABBAGE can help keep your bones and body healthy.  Cabbage is a good source of vitamin C and vitamin K.  Vitamin C helps your body develop resistance against infectious agents and free radicals.  Enough Vitamin K in the diet makes your bones stronger and healthier.


      4.  CABBAGE is a good source of FOLATES.  Folic acid is one of the essential components of DNA.  For all your MOMS out there wanting enough of this essential nutrient for pregnancy...Cabbage is the perfect source for your body and your baby.



      Don't believe me?  Try any of these recipes and you will become a believer!




      Cruciferous Coleslaw



      Crispy Oriental Salad




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