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    • "Vegan" Pregnancy Diet

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    •  7/11/2012 10:29:50 PM
    • We have received many questions about the best way to eat when being pregnant.  I am almost through my 4th pregnancy and would love to share books that I recommend when it comes to nutrition and pregnancy.


      First of all- check out my prior blog here for the most important pregnancy foods.  This will answer many of your questions.  I even turned to this blog many months ago when I slightly forgot what I should be eating.  It reminded me of the foods that I really need to remember and concentrate on.


      Here is a list of books that I have read and/or skimmed through that I would recommend checking out.  Dr. Fuhrman's book is my favorite because it is whole food plant based...the other books are more "VEGAN"...but they do have some good tips and info that I enjoyed checking out.


      DISEASE PROOF YOUR CHILD by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

           Absolutely love this book.  It is more about your baby's nutrition, but has some great info for soon to be Mom's as well.  This book needs to be in your home.


      SKINNY BITCH BUN IN THE OVEN by Rory Freedman

           I skimmed through this one pretty quick.  The author definitely is a little more harsh, but did find some good tips inside.



           This was a good book.  I liked the way the author wrote about her journey and had some good info and tips.  Probably my favorite pregnancy book.  I already knew much of the info...I wish I had this during my first pregnancy- for sure!



           This was a quick read and a more personal book about being vegan and pregnant.  If you are lacking support- you will relate to this book.   


      SUPER BABY FOOD by Ruth Yaron

           This book is more for after the baby is born and what to feed them on a month to month basis.  I know it isn't VEGAN, but I found so much good information in this book after my first baby was born.  This is a must have in your home.

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