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    • Yummy way to EAT KALE!

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    •  8/28/2013 3:28:13 PM
    • So we all know that eating KALE is extremely important


      it can also be extremely difficult to consume (especially when trying to feed it to your family).

      I wanted to share my most recent way my family eats kale...and I am officially addicted!




      Sautéed Kale over Potato 



      Earth Balance Butter, Oil or you can use water for sauteing (my favorite is a small amount of butter)

      Mushrooms, diced (I prefer baby portabellos)

      Onion, diced (I like sweet onions or shallots)

      Corn, fresh or frozen (I prefer fresh when I have it)

      1/2 - 1 bunch of KALE, chopped finely (curly, plain, baby...any kind will work)

      Salt or other seasoning to taste (I loved using a dash of fajita seasoning)

      Cooked Potato (my favorite is golden potatoes, but any will work)

      Diced Avocado


      Using the butter,oil or water, saute the mushrooms and onions over medium-high heat for 3 minutes.  Add the kale, corn & seasoning and saute everything until mixture is warmed thoroughly, mushrooms have released their moisture and the kale has wilted slightly and is deep green (approx. 4 more minutes).

      TIP:  Don't be afraid to use a LOT of kale with this recipe- which is why I love it.  When you chop it finely and saute it with these vegetables it takes on a wonderful flavor.

      Place mixture over cooked potato.  The potato can be cut up or mashed.  I have even added cut-up potatoes to my mixture and sauteed them together slightly.  There are many possibilities.

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