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    • October Lunch Month

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    •  10/10/2011 6:39:00 AM
    • Make sure to sign up for our newsletter for amazing recipes &

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      As Whole Food Mommies we are dedicated to feeding our

      children foods that promote HEALTH & STRENGTH.

      A Whole Food Plant Based Diet is our MESSAGE and

      helping you get these life saving foods into your kid's mouths is our GAME.

      That is why we have named OCTOBER our


      We will be featuring LUNCH BOX ideas through the next few weeks to

      hopefully help you feed your little one's (and your big one's too)

      FUN, EASY & TASTY nutrient dense foods

      that will not only make them smile-

      And will bring you that JOY of feeding your family the BEST!



      to top it all off, we are having another GIVEAWAY (YEAH!!!!!)

      At the end of the month we will be giving away



      (drum roll please....)


      A Laptop Lunch Box Bento System


      This is the product we WHOLE FOOD MOMMIES

      use everyday for our children's school lunch.


      To sign-up for our OCTOBER GIVEAWAY:


      -Make sure you are on our mailing list

      (top left corner of page)

      -Make a comment on one or more blog telling us

      one of your LUNCH BOX goals this month.

      -Facebook one of our many AWESOME

      LUNCH RECIPES- coming soon (and let us know)


      Can't wait to SHARE more with you!

      MUCH LOVE,

      Whole Food Mommies

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