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    • Baby Food Recipe- GREENS

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    •  9/13/2010 10:13:35 PM

      I have LOVED hearing your responses about HOMEMADE BABY FOOD- so I am going to keep sharing


      Here is another one of my 11 month old's favorite DINNERS:  Broccoli & Rice porridge.


      I love when I can feed her anything GREEN.  This is such a yummy recipe...and it is so quick and easy.  I always try to have some Homemade PORRIDGE/CEREAL in my refrigerator...and we eat steamed broccoli at least twice a week.  So this recipe doesn't require any planning and it takes SECONDS.


      BEFORE the recipe- I thought I needed to add what KITCHEN TOOL I use to mix/puree my baby food:

      This is a MINI FOOD PROCESSOR made by Cuisinart and it is the BEST!!!  All I do is place my steamed veggies inside- along with my porridge...and GRIND it all together till I have my desired consistency.  I purchased this at COSTCO over 4 years ago...and it still works like NEW. 



      Broccoli & Rice Porridge



      Whole Grain Porridge (see recipes here and here- I will be adding more soon.)

      Steamed broccoli



      Place 3-5 pieces of steamed broccoli in your food processor.  Add approx. 1/2 - 3/4 cup whole grain porridge.  PUREE together until you reach your desired consistency.  Younger children will need to extra smooth- so you can add breastmilk, formula or water to the porridge.  My 11 month old can handle small chunks so I puree the mixture for only a few seconds. 

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