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    • Disease Proof Story

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    •  12/19/2012 9:40:40 PM
    • Have you read Dr. Fuhrman's DISEASE PROOF blog lately?  (


      If you try to eat a whole food plant based diet...then I think you would really like it.

      I wanted to highlight one of the recent posts entitled:  

      Interview with the Mother of a Young Nutritarian

      (Found here)

      Reading this post reminded me of why I feed my children this way.  I am NOT perfect...especially this time of year.  But I am really trying to feed my children healthy- so they stay healthy and disease free.  It's a really cute post- with a video and everything.  Check it out :)

      Another interesting post on this blog is about how much JUNK FOOD is offered to our children during the holidays.  If you are like me- there isn't a day that goes by where my children don't come home with some sort of sweet.  This blog details just how much our children are really eating- It's CRAZY!  (Found here)

      And to finish it off- I ran across this youtube video of a 1960's commercial for COKE.  Did you know that COKE helps your figure?  HA HA!

      I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful holiday season!

      Much love!

      Veteran Mommy


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