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    • Cabbage Fruit Salad

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    •  8/22/2012 9:16:55 PM

      So I happened to turn on the TV yesterday and the show THE DR.'s was on...I happened to hear one of the doctors say that laughing 15 minutes a day is good for your health.  He went on to say it burns calories and makes you live longer- and some other statistics that I really didn't listen to.


      I just heard LAUGHING FOR 15 MINUTES... and I thought to myself, "when was the last time I laughed really hard, out loud?"


      My kids were in the room with me- as I looked at each one of them I decided it would be fun for some family time.


      I decided...I was going to LAUGH for 15 minutes- and hopefully my children would join me.


      So I began...I just started fake laughing, really hard, really loud.

      And soon- my fake sounds turned into full out gut-laughing.   All of my children stopped what they were doing and stared.  My oldest (who is almost 8) immediately told me I was weird, but sat down and watch her mother in awe.  My handsome 5 year old I believe wanted to join me, but wasn't sure how- so instead just cuddled up beside me.  And my 2 year old little girl kept asking, "what's wrong?" and when I didn't answer she began to put her hand over my mouth.


      Just so you know...15 minutes is a LONG TIME to laugh, and unfortunately I didn't make it till the end.  But what I did make was a fun family experience.  And yes- maybe I am WEIRD...but I probably burned like 100 calories- so there!


      On another note, instead of looking for ways to burn calories to lose some weight...why not try this YUMMY CABBAGE SALAD- that is mostly RAW and so YUMMY!  This salad was made for me by a very sweet neighbor of mine who brought me dinner after I had my baby.  I ate almost the whole salad in one sitting- it was that good!  Thanks Kathryn for this awesome recipe!



      Cabbage Fruit Salad



      1/2 purple cabbage chopped

      2-3 apples chopped

      Craisins or Dried Blueberries

      Annie's Fat Free Mango Vinaigrette Dressing (few tablespoons)


      Mix everything together- using your desired amount of craisins or dried blueberries.  I would think that this would last a long time in your fridge, but it didn't last long in mine because I ate it so fast.

      And I don't know...maybe while you are eating can laugh a little bit- just for fun?




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