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    • Happy Halloween!

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    •  10/30/2013 7:25:43 PM

    • Happy Halloween from Whole Food Mommies!

      Here are some fun ideas to lessen the candy consumption for your family during this sweet filled holiday: (brought to you by Newbie Mommy)


      ~ The Halloween Fairy: This might be my favorite. The kids get to pick 5 or 10 pieces of candy to keep, then they leave the rest out for the Halloween Fairy who comes and takes the candy and leaves a toy behind.


      ~ A dollar a pound: Again, let the kids pick 5 or 10 pieces to eat over the next week or so. Then weigh the candy and buy it at a dollar per pound or whatever price seems fair for their age.


      ~ The Classic: Dump all the family candy into one bucket and slowly pass it out over the course of the next year: my least favorite because somehow some of that candy ends up in MY MOUTH!!

      Who knows how :)

      ~ The Trade: trade their whole bucket for a toy they have been eyeballing for a bit. Make it an easy trade for them. Giving up candy isn't always easy.

      ~ Bag It:  If you just really want a way out of going trick or treating completely, we have a neighbor who takes their kids to dinner and a movie with all  the cousins as the trade off. So a family night out instead!! LOVE that idea! 


      Check out this fun Halloween dip idea brought to you by Maintenance found here.


      We hope you all have a fun-filled and safe Halloween!

      Much love, Whole Food Mommies

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