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    • Whole Food Mommies Reunite!

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    •  7/29/2014 11:06:57 PM
    • Whole Food Mommies live 19 hours apart...

      but this past weekend we got to spend sometime together! It was so rejuvenating!

      We went to Spiral Diner Dallas Texas...LOVE those famous NACHOS!

      Spent hours in the pool.

      Even found sometime to exercise. {L} taught a yoga class that was AMAZING!

      And of course we cooked some wonderful PLANT BASED food (Can't get enough carrot dogs!)


      There is nothing better than being with a friend that truly knows the real you. We are business partners, but first and foremost we are friends!

      Aren't Plant Based friends the BEST!

      much ♡, WFM


      Spiral Diner Order:

      Nachos Supremo (cashew cheese to die for!)

      El Paso Burger made from Cashew-Quinoa

      Dessert~ Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Shake.

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