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    • Happy Thanksgiving

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    •  11/23/2011 9:33:52 PM
    • At this time of the's always good to express THANKS...

      So here I go-

      I am thankful for my CHILDREN and their patience with me as their mother,

      I am thankful for my HUSBAND being my #1 fan,

      I am thankful for my gift and talent I have to CREATE,

      I am thankful for ANGELS that watch over and protect my family,

      I am thankful for my body and it's ability to HEAL and STRENGTHEN,

      I am thankful for my VISION and how it lifts and inspires,


      I am thankful for amazing "yummy" FRIENDS that watch over me.


      We hope you and your family have a wonderful


      Full of yummy healthy food, yummy family,

      and a yummy good time!



      Check out this YUMMY recipe-

      It's a RAW veggie side dish that would be great to

      fill up on before you dive into those PIES :)

      (Don't forget to top it off with our Peanut dressing...yummy!)

      Crispy VEGETABLE Salad (oriental)

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