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    • Hearty Sweet Potato Quinoa Marinara

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    •  3/14/2013 7:18:28 AM
    • Things that make me SMILE:


      1.  When my son eats something GREEN



      2.  Smelling and touching fresh GRASS...

      ...Wheatgrass (Maintenance Mommy gave me this...SO COOL!!!)




      3.  Hearty Spaghetti


      Hearty Sweet Potato Quinoa Marinara



      28 ounce Stewed Tomatoes (I used my canned tomatoes- RECIPE found here)

      1 can diced tomatoes

      1 can tomato paste

      2 TBS Italian Seasoning

      1-2 tsp Garlic Powder

      1-2 TBS Sugar

      1 large Sweet Potato

      1 TBS Olive Oil

      1-2 tsp SALT

      1-2 cups cooked Cilantro Lime Quinoa (recipe here)



      Combine both cans of tomatoes into a high powdered blender and blend until smooth.  Pour mixture into a large pan and add tomato paste and seasonings. Bring to a boil and let simmer on medium low while you cook the sweet potatoes.

      Dice the sweet potatoes into small pieces and coat with Olive Oil and salt.  Bake at 425 degrees for approximately 20 minutes or until tender.

      Combine the sweet potatoes and cooked quinoa into the tomato mixture.  Heat thoroughly and serve over your favorite whole grain pasta.  Add SALT to taste.

      • I just found your blog and love it. Thank you in advance for all of your delicious recipes. I have to say, my 7 yr old daughter is like your son in the picture. She loves eating cucumbers. I call it eating the
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