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    • For A Sweet Treat...

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    •  8/17/2010 11:34:59 PM
    • I loved NEWBIE's blog on Friday introducing a new VEGAN product for those FUN times when you just want something yummy!  Here is my "sweet" find:


      My local grocery store has created a new VEGAN section that is SO COOL!!!

      The products might not be the cheapest foods out there...but they are so much fun to TRY!

      I decided to splurge this past week and purchase the following product:




      Whipped Rice Topping



      It is VEGAN whipping cream made from Rice Milk...pretty cool!


      My kids DO know what whipping cream is...thanks to fun family get togethers.  And I am just fine with that!  That's life.


      So my kids have enjoyed real whipping cream every now and then with family.  But this type of product has not been welcome in our home...until today!


      And the best part is-  it tastes SO YUMMY!  It has the same texture as whipping cream.


      So next time you want to SPLURGE (for your kids sake)...give this product a try.

      It's great on our WHOLE GRAIN BLENDER WAFFLES.



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