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    • Happy Valentine's Day!

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    •  2/14/2012 10:01:21 AM
    • Ahhhhh…. February, the month full of LOVE and other “goodies”!

      This month seems to be full of treats, especially for our little ones in school! How do we avoid that? Truth, you don’t. There are times when you have to give and take. This is a give around our house, we let the kids have a few treats, but monitor them and pump them full of greens! Always have extra broccoli in your possession! 
      Chocolate covered Strawberries! It is very easy to find chocolate that contains no dairy. I am not saying that a chocolate covered strawberry is a health food, just suggesting it as an alternative to store bought goodies. Anything you can make at home will be better than buying it in a box.
      Melt 1 cup chocolate chips (non dairy)
      6-8 large strawberries
      Dip strawberries in chocolate and place on wax paper to let cool and harden.
      Really it’s that simple!
      Whole Food Mommies
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