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    • "No Bake" Chocolate Drops

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    •  3/15/2010 9:52:09 PM

      "NO BAKE" Chocolate Drops


      I am always on the look-out for recipes that provide the "HEALTHY FATS" for the kids...that they will actually eat.

      I was so excited when I found this recipe!  It is a WHOLE FOOD treat for my kids- that is basically half nuts & seeds and half dates.

      I struggle at times getting enough nuts & seeds in my children EVERY DAY.  They eat oatmeal with walnuts and granola bars...but this will be a new staple at my house.  Be careful!  Mommies can eat too many of them if they are not careful...they are that good!


      "NO BAKE" Chocolate Drops
      5 ounces ground raw cashew pieces
      2 ounces ground raw blanched almonds
      2 ounce ground walnuts
      2 ounce ground raw sunflower seeds
      2 tablespoons flax seed -ground
      8 ounces date/coconut rolls or soft pitted dates- FINELY CHOPPED

           (I have only used the coconut rolls- YUMMY!)
      3 - 4 TBS Cocoa powder (or to taste)
      1 teaspoons vanilla

      Measure ingredients using a kitchen scale.  Finely chop nuts & seeds in powerful blender (or food processor would work).  I grind my flax seed in a coffee grinder. In a food processor- combine ground nuts & seeds with the finely chopped date rolls.  Add cocoa and vanilla and process until well mixed.  Form into bite sized balls.

      Makes approx. 25 balls.


      I place the formed balls in the freezer- wait till they are somewhat frozen then put them all in a freezer bag for easy access.  Since they are almost half nuts and half dates...I am just fine with my growing kids having 2 a day. 

      They are also a great sweet for me- when I feel like chocolate :)

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