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    • Conscious Eating

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    •  8/29/2011 1:10:31 PM
    • As a WHOLE FOOD MOMMY- we highly promote "CONSCIOUS EATING".

      What does the word CONSCIOUS mean?


      con-scious [kon-shuh`s]


      1.  Aware of what one is doing

      2.  Aware of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.


      As MOMMIES, when we are




      I know for me, the nutrient density of the food in MY HOME is directly connected to how CONSCIOUS I am about what goes in my mouth.  I know when my life gets busy, it becomes easier and easier to become less and less AWARE.


      Here are some helpful hints THAT WORK FOR ME AS A BUSY MOMMY- These help me be MORE CONSCIOUS ABOUT what I'm eating.


      1.  MAKE A PLAN

      Plan your weekly MEALS!  I know you have heard this before...but this time- LET'S DO IT!  Put it into ACTION (just so you know- I am talking to myself right now).  Sit down Sunday night and fill in your weekly dinner schedule.  The KEY word in this helpful hint is ACTION.


      2.  SET A GOAL ---> HAVE A VISION

      When I have a vision set in my mind AND ON PAPER on my families HEALTH & NUTRITION and I envision the RESULTS that will happen and are happening...everything seems to happen much easier.  I would suggest clearly defining this vision- and looking at it often.  I personally have a VISION BOARD hanging next to my bed where I place my goals.  I have a spot on my board that is designated for MY HEALTH & MY FAMILIES HEALTH.  A prior goal has been to not eat ANY SUGAR for 10 days.  While I am focusing on this you think my children ate less sugar?  That's a BIG YES!  I had fun making non-sugar dessert that whole week and half and there were no complaints.


      3.  Have as MANY NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS in your home as possible.

      If you have many wonderful healthy foods to choose from, even when you slip into the "unconscious" for a little while- you might not find too much trouble.  To have the healthy options be abundant in your home helps protect you from these slips.


      4.  Start your day off RIGHT-

      I like to drink 1 quart of water first thing in the morning then I drink a cup of herbal tea.  When I accomplish this quick and easy task- it seems my mind is more clear during the day and thus I am more conscious.  Try it- it works for me :)


      5.  Be conscious of ONE eating goal every 7 days.

      I used to have a whole list of "My DAILY EATING TO DO's" and found it almost impossible to complete them all.  They are all still part of my daily desire to eat healthy- but I choose ONE to focus on every week.  When I am SET on accomplishing that ONE goal- the others seems to happen without too much effort.  But here is the KEY- YOU HAVE TO OBEY YOURSELF and no matter what- accomplish that ONE GOAL.  My last week GOAL was to drink 8 glasses of water that day.  There was one night that I had to stay up a little bit longer to gulp down 2 of them- because I had forgotten.  BUT I DID IT!  There is POWER in obeying SELF.  Give it a try!


      I hope at least one of these HELPFUL HINTS were HELPFUL to you


      To end- I want to share One of the biggest HELPS for me when I am striving to EAT has to do with the 2nd definition of CONSCIOUS:


      Aware of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.


      When I practice being aware of my THOUGHTS through out the day...Removing the negative and increasing the positive...AND I have a VISION in place of how I want my family to EAT- That's when the magic happens!


      Hope you have a fabulous day!


      MUCH LOVE!

      Veteran Mommy


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