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    • Lemon Lime PROTEIN Drink

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    •  12/26/2012 10:05:38 PM
    • We at WHOLE FOOD MOMMIES hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  If you are like the majority of American's, you probably enjoyed time with loved ones, had a wonderful time giving gifts, AND you might have eaten too much rich food?  I really tried to be good these past few days, but I definitely splurged here and there. Also, it was extremely difficult trying to keep my children from eating too much as well!


      Can anyone relate?


      When my family goes through these periods where unhealthy food is almost becoming the NORM- it's time for a restart!  That is why I love January.  I call it my "refresh".  And if you are like me, this refresh can't start soon enough.  I'm excited to plan my weekly healthy meals again- go grocery shopping and spend time in my kitchen.


      I'm also excited to spend time in the GYM (which for me is my upstairs bedroom).

      So I thought I would share my favorite after work-out protein drink.  I am a nursing mother who is BUSY every second of the day, and at times I find it hard to eat enough.  I love making this drink right after I am done with a good sweat.  It is so refreshing and provides a healthy and yummy protein.  With my kids being home from school, they have loved working out with their Mama and having a nice serving of this drink.  I'm sure not everybody will love it, but I actually crave it.  Give it a try and let me know.  I swear I recover faster and I feel a huge difference when I don't do it.  By the way- I got this recipe from Brendan Brazier's THRIVE book.  He is that vegan ultra marathoner.  I might have changed it slightly- but this is pretty much his:


      Lemon Lime HEMP Protein Drink (post work-out)

      Place the following in a high powered blender- and blend until smooth.  I like to drink it over ICE.

      2 cups Water

      The juice of 2 lemons and 1 lime (or 3 limes and 1 lemon- whatever you have on hand)

      1 tsp HEMP OIL

      4 TBS Hemp protein powder

      4-6 dates (small and chopped) 



      Hope you enjoy!

      much love~




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