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    • OPRAH - Food, Inc with Michael Pollan continued...

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    •  1/29/2010 11:55:08 AM
    • I absolutely LOVE that the word is getting out there - WHAT WE EAT HAS A DIRECT IMPACT ON OUR HEALTH!  People are starting to take notice.  I ran to go see Food, Inc as soon as it was in theaters (or should I say "theater" since in my large city, it was only playing in one small theater)! I thought is was very well done and I learned even more about my personal food chain.  The only problem was that whenever I asked my friends and family about it, no one had seen it let alone HEARD about it.  Thanks to OPRAH, FOOD,INC. was introduced to millions of people all across the world yesterday.


      After watching the show I realized that I have already read 2 of Michael Pollan's books.  In fact,  his book "IN DEFENSE OF FOOD" was one of the first books I read that began to impact my thoughts on food.  He goes into detail about what "FOOD" really is, and how the majority of what is sold in the grocery stores is actually what he refers to as "Food Like Substances".


      A few months ago I happened to be on vacation and while browsing the books in a small super market, I came across "THE OMNIVORE'S DILEMMA".  This book goes hand in hand with the movie "FOOD, INC" and goes into further details about what he calls "the secrets behind what you eat".  I didn't pay much attention to the author and it wasn't until yesterday that I realized that both books and the movie were from the same guy; Michael Pollan.


      What I appreciate about his style is that he doesn't try to manipulate you with scare tactics.  While much of the information is in fact quite "scary" he doesn't make a point of trying to exploit those emotions.  He attempts to give us the facts while at the same time trying to gently pry open our sometimes very stubborn thinking patterns.  In the end, his approach is to MAKE US THINK!  It worked for me.


      One possible "side-effect" when people start "thinking" is feeling overwhelmed and at times very lost.  The first time I read the China Study I was completely ready to change my lifestyle.  The only problem is that I had no idea how to go about doing that.  My passion and desire to change was quickly swallowed by confusion and helplessness.  It takes a lot of effort to make big changes!  Luckily, BABY STEPS can be just as effective; sometimes even more effective when it allows you to stay on track. 


      In Micheal Pollan's book he gives us a few tips (or 'baby steps') to slowly change our habits or to "VOTE WITH YOUR FORK" as he puts it~




      1. Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food.


      2. Don't eat anything with more than five ingredients, or with ingredients you don't recognize or can't pronounce. (This is for food we buy, not food we cook ourselves).


      3. Don't eat anything containing high-fructose corn syrup. (Here's a challenge for you, try and go 7 days without this product. Start reading your food labels and you will be SHOCKED at how ubiquitous it is!)



      1.  Get your food from the outside perimeter of the supermarket and try to avoid the middle aisles. (On a side note, millions of dollars are spent on marketing for the products of these aisles.  You will be bombarded with messages, information, and emotions that are designed to get you to BUY these foods).


      2. Don't buy, or eat, anything that doesn't eventually rot.


      3. Shop at the farmers market, through a CSA, or at a farmstand whenever you can.


      4. Be your own food detective.  Pay attention to where your food comes from. Read labels and ask questions!




      1. COOK!  This is the best way to take control of your meals.


      2. GARDEN.  (This is probably the cheapest way to eat organic)


      3.  TRY NOT TO EAT ALONE. (Eating alone is the fastest way to consume mindless calories).


      4.  EAT SLOWLY and STOP when you are FULL (I know, I know...easier said than done).


      I love the advice he gave on OPRAH: 




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    • How to cure bladder infections - NATURALLY

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    •  1/20/2010 8:12:34 PM
    • This might seem as somewhat as a random post; and I suppose it is (especially because I have never had a bladder infection or a UTI.)  However,  I have become fascinated lately with natural remedies.  As I research them I jot things down (quite sloppily I might add) with the intention of "storing" my notes somewhere more permanent.  Then it dawned on me that this website might be the perfect place for me to "store" all the new information that I learn.  So here you have it; a little info I learned this week.


      Most people are quickly offered antibiotics at the first sign of a bladder infections (and most other infections for that matter).  So one might ask, "What's wrong with that?"


      First of all, antibiotics often act without regard for the type of bacteria they are designed to attack. In other words, they do not know the difference between the good and the bad. This can often lead to killing of the natural flora (good bacteria) in a person’s body the result of which can lead to everything from diarrhea to yeast infections.


      Next, there is the risk of creating antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. When antibiotics are given and not taken completely, this can lead to stronger strains of the bacteria. Also, when doctors prescribe antibiotics for viral infections, such as the common cold and the flu, they are also adding to this danger.  When considering that only 2 new classes of antibiotics have been introduced since the 1960's this can be a scary thing for someone who has become resistant to many antibiotics.


      (Let me pause for a moment and say that I DO appreciate the situations in which antibiotics are necessary.  However, it seems that there are many times that a quick natural remedy would work just as effectively.)


      Most bladder infections are cause by  a little bacterium call E. coli (not to be confused with the very dangerous mutant by the same name) that happens to be in every living creature with a colon.  These bacteria are an important part of our digestion, but they can cause infection when they get into the wrong place; namely the bladder.  E. coli sticks to the molecules of a simple sugar called D-mannose that is found in the cells that line the bladder.  E. coli spreads from one D-mannose to the next, then the next and the next.  They continue to expand and reproduce causing an infection.  The whole time, the E. coli cling like crazy to the D-mannose inside the bladder so they won't get washed out or rinsed out with every urination.


      But we can actually put E. coli's love for D-mannose to good use!  When a patient is given 3 to 5 gram of sweet powdery D-mannose (a safe, simple sugar found in most health food stores), only a small amount is metabolized.  Most is "kicked out" through the kidneys into the ureters, then into the bladder, where the bacteria say "Party time! Look at all that delicious D-mannose!"  They detach themselves from that little bit of D-mannose that is naturally in the walls of the bladder and they grab on the these great swilrs of D-mannose coming in.  They float around enjoying all that D-mannose, and the next time the woman empties her bladder, the infection is literally rinsed away!


      But remember 2 things: First, she needs to take D-mannose every 3-4 hours while awake until the symptoms are totally gone, which can take a few hours or one or two days. Second, D-mannose eliminates bladder infections 9 out of 10 times not 10 out of 10 times." **

      ** Quoted from Jonathan Wright in Suzanne Somers book, "BREAKTHROUGH"

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    • Tip of the Day

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    •  1/15/2010 7:36:16 AM
    • A Message from Dr. Campbell

      Dr. Campbellleft quote

      If you had a friend who had been a smoker all of his or her life and looked to you for advice, would you tell them to cut down to only two cigarettes a day or would you tell them to quit smoking all together? Moderation—even with the best intentions—sometimes makes it more difficult to succeed. Why should you try a totally plant-based diet? Because it can stop the development of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. The epidemic of chronic, degenerative diseases like these that are sweeping the world can be stopped and reversed with a plant-based diet. The solution lies in the choices we make about what we put on our plates.

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    •  1/7/2010 5:25:43 PM
    • There is no better time than the beginning of a new decade to take your health a little more seriously.  A great jump start is to give your body a good internal cleaning.  DETOX  and CLEANSE seem to be buzz words these days, but what exactly does that entail.  Before we get into that, we need to understand what exactly it is that we are DETOXING or CLEANSING.  Which brings us to another buzz word:  TOXINS.

      Over the last decade we have become increasingly aware of something called TOXINS.
      A toxin is defined as any compound that has a detrimental effect on cell function or structure.  Unfortunately these are a part of our everyday world.  Toxins are everywhere, and truthfully they can't really be avoided.  BUT, by educating ourselves on their origin and learning how the body works to eliminate them will allow us to reduce our overall toxicity.

      Where do toxins come from?

      ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS: sun, radiation, industrial waste (air pollution), heavy metal exposure, cleaning supplies and substances on skin (you be very surprised how many body lotions are packed with toxins.  Just for fun, pull out all your lotions and shampoos and see how many have sodium laureth sulfate. There is increasing controversy as to the toxicity of this chemical).


      DIETARY TOXINS: pesticides, herbicides, oxidized fats (as in many roasted nuts), burned/smoked foods, preservatives,  artificial additives, colors, sweeteners, tobacco smoke, preservatives, etc.


      BY-PRODUCTS of HUMAN METABOLISM: free radicals, oxidized hormones, aged cells.  Some believe that emotional and mental stresses can also alter the cells in a damaging/toxic way.


      As you can see, it is virtually impossible to avoid exposure to toxins.  The problem with toxins in our body is their impact on our cells.  Each of us have DNA, which is essentially the instruction manual to our cells.  It tells them when to grow, when to divide and multiply and how to communicate with neighboring cells.  Toxins interfere with our DNA's instruction and can cause our cells to mutate.


      But there are lots of things we can to do reduce our exposure to these toxins and there are many things we can do to give our bodies a good CLEANSE or DETOX!


      The liver, kidneys and lymphatic system are key to CLEANSING the body.  For the same reasons we would change an air filter, we need to clean up these organs.  There are many intense ways to do this, and there are some simple and basic ways too.  It depends on the depth that you want to DETOX.  The goal is to pull all the toxins from our tissues, into the blood and out through the liver, kidney and lymph system.  It is all about getting your drainage system working efficiently. 

      Here are a few helpful (and simple steps):


      GOT WATER? -  Water, water, water.  Drinking lots of healthy water is one of the best gifts you can give to your liver.  It is literally "FLUSHING" your system when you drink lots of water.  There are many opinions out there about the qualilty of water we comsume.  There are questions of vitamins, minerals, flurorides, and pH balance.  From purified water, distilled water, and reverse osmosis, there is an entire commercial market out there dedicated to "healthy water".  Tap water is not ideal, although professionals say it is better than drinking from plastic bottles (FYI there are more government regulations on tap water than on bottled water).  There are so many different opinions are water it may seem overwhelming.  I think the key to remember is drink it, Drink It, DRINK IT!  Just drink LOTS of water.  If you worry at all about mineral or salt depletion in your body you can always supplement for that.  I personally don't think we as a society are in any danger of drinking too much water, so drink up!



      YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT -  Give your liver a break from the toxins you are consuming right through your mouth.  Vegetables are by far the best thing you can eat while trying to clean out your body.  Imagine that there are tiny little "PAC-MANS" packing into each vegetable you eat.  Picture these little guys running through the 'maze' of your body gobbling up all the toxins.  Obviously this is a simplistic view, but in essence that is exactly how powerful vegetables can be; especially the green ones.  (A recent British study found that 95% of cancer was caused by diet and environmental toxins). If you want to give yourself the best DETOX possible here is a challenge: 


      for 21 days avoid all meat, dairy, sugar, and caffeine.  Maintain a diet of unlimited vegetables, and enjoy fruits, beans (the legume.. you know...kidney beans, black beans, etc), and whole grains (ONLY WHOLE grains, avoid anything that says 'Enriched').


      This will be one of the BEST things you will EVER do for you body and your Health.  Just try it.  There is a saying the medical world, "If you're not up on it, you'r down on it!"  Don't be one of those people that immediately dismisses a new idea simple because you are "not up on it" or haven't heard it before.  JUST TRY IT!  Your body (and liver) will speak for itself.


      TIME TO SWEAT - Saunas, hot tubs, and even your bathtub are fantastic ways to aid the liver in releasing toxins.  During your DETOX you should try to sweat as much as possible.  This does not include the kind from exercising (although we will get to that).  There is physiological difference in our bodies when we sweat due to an internal source compared to an external source.  We want the external kind here.  Our liver works very hard for us 24 hours a day.  When we sweat, it allows the liver to take a bit of a 'break' by using our skin (which is our largest organ) to work for a while instead.  If you only have access to your bathtub, that's good enough.  Make the water as hot as you can stand.  It will take about 15 minutes for you body temperature to increase.  Shortly thereafter you will feel the sweat on your hairline and forehead (since the rest of your body is submerged you won't be able to feel the sweat anywhere else).  A good 15 minutes for sweating is a great treat for the liver.**


      GET MOVING - Your lymph system is your drainage system, and sometimes that gets "clogged".  It needs to be stimulated to flush your toxins properly.  One of the best ways to do this is through exercise; get moving.  Trampolines or rebounders have proven to work wonders on the lymphatic system. Elliptical machines, jumping rope or even running can have the same "bouncing" effect that stimulates the lymphatic system.  Exercise in general has so many powerful effects on your body as a whole that is should be incorporated into most CLEANSES.


      These are 4 SIMPLE STEPS to cleaning out your toxins.  AND YOU WILL NOTICE a difference.


      This might include: increased energy; improved mental clarity and function; improved digestion and elimination; enhanced immune system and resistance to infection or illness; improved blood circulation; healthy skin; improved libido and sexual function; and improved mood and sense of well-being.


      Detoxification and cleansing have an important place in the role of preventive healthcare. The main reason I want a clean body is to prevent future disease.  In 2010 cancer will rise to the top of the list as the number one killer WORLD WIDE.  There is a DIRECT link between CANCER and the quantity of TOXINS in the body.


      We have a tendency as a species to what to do something "GUNG-HO" to jump start new changes.  This is evident in the billion dollar weight loss industry.  For some reason we feel we can expect better results if we have to pay for something.  If that is your attitude towards a good DETOX there are many places ready and willing to take you well earned dollar.  Just search colon cleanse on the Internet.  You will be overwhelming within the hour.  There are pills, and drugs, and supplements, and herbs for just about anything.  I am not saying that these are all bad.  In fact, if you really want to spend a few bucks just to prove your commitment to yourself, go and getting a colonic from a specialist (this is the flushing of the bowel and intestine  with water pressure).  Something I have done and definitely recommend.  But don't underestimate the power of small and simple changes.  Master the easier steps first before you break the bank on bottles promising to transform you.  The hardest thing you can do, and by far the most powerful, is to change your diet!!!!


      For more intense cleansing, look into a gall bladder cleanse, a candida cleanse, colon cleanse and chelation (heavy metal cleanse).  You can also do numerous different blood tests to determine nutritional deficiencies.  Also, don't underestimate the power that stress, depression, or lack of sleep can have on your entire system.  Dietary changes are the most important changes you can make, but this will be very difficult if you are being plagued with emotional/mental challenges.  Address these if necessary.


      **On a side note, studies have been done on the temperature of cancer cells.  Cancer cells prefer to be cool and have difficult surviving temperatures higher than 104 degrees.  Each time you sweat you may be killing off potentially dangerous precancerous cells.


      A report by the Columbia University School of Public Health estimates that of cancer is caused by diet and environmental toxicity.


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