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    • REALLY KFC ~ again??

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    •  10/1/2013 8:07:20 PM
    •  As if society needs more mixed signals! Leave it to KFC to keep "helping" find research for disease they they happily contribute to. This has to stop! We need to a big wake up call. I understand people "need" their soda to go with their meals but to use disease as a cross promotion sells technique is really just pushing me beyond my ability to keep calm. This is seriously and outrageous thing that KFC is doing! If you don't frequent a KFC then (I applaud you) you haven't seen their previous attempt to make a buck. (a friend recently posted this image on fb) See below:




      SO grab this MEGA jug of SUGAR to help fight a disease while  it contributes to type 2 ... say wha....?? REALLY I hope you are as concerned as I am about our future generation. If a person is really interested in helping find a cure you are starting in the WRONG place with that jug! How about add a side of steamed broccoli or collards, or kale and donate ten minutes of your time education the population on the fact that this poster is a flat out JOKE! 


      KFC is in the business of making dollar bills, not trying to prevent anything. Promotion of disease causing items is what keeps them in business and the vicious cycle continues with a poster like this. And we wonder why our country is so sick! YIKES! 


      They crossed the line before with their buckets for a cure, read more about that here.


      Okay I am done exploding... Thanks for listening! 

       I get a little heated and maybe over excited when I see things like this, its a total disappointment. 


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    • Fall Juice Cleanse

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    •  9/23/2013 9:42:01 PM

       I am sure by now you have heard the term, "juice cleanse" maybe some of you are even avid cleaners, but for those of who are new to the term I wanted to share this very simple and non intimidating cleanse. The best part of this one, you feel full the whole time, I am just finishing up my last day and I feel great! If anything I was feeling a little too full and had to drink less. 


      Why cleanse if you already eat well? There are so many toxins we are exposed, even if we eat perfect.  We still have to breathe and drink water. As much as I hate to think about it, even organic food has exposure to toxins. It is also beneficial to give your organs a break. One of the most surprising side effects I have noticed from my cleanse, PEACE! I have been going through some pretty stressful times the last few weeks and I just felt like I needed something to ground me and bring back the peace. The first thing I thought of was food, what am I eating and how often? WHen I got back on track eating well, the chaos was still there and I was still having a hard time being able to carry my load. It wasn't until I just turned to this juice cleanse that I finally felt in control again. My life situation did not change, but my ability to handle things and think through them clearly did change. It was a pretty neat experience. 

      The cleanse I am following comes from Dr Christopher. I trust his herbs and oils so why not try his cleansing method. You can read all the details here:


      Dr Christopher's three day cleanse


      Happy Juicing! 


      PS. My stressful times = moving to Texas! So excited, our house finally sold!  We are getting out our cowboy boots and saddling up for an exciting adventure! :)

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    • Basic Breakfast for fall

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    •  9/17/2013 8:31:11 AM

      One of my all time favorite breakfast for the kiddos is quick and simple and can be consumed year round. Warm or cold!

      1/2 cup rolled oats

      1 tbs chia seeds

      1 tbs sesame seeds

      1 tbs sunflower seeds

      1 tbs peanut butter

      Any other seeds you like 

      sprinkle with cinnamon

      your favorite plant-based milk

      mix all ingredients together and cover with the plant based milk, allow to soak for about ten minutes and enjoy!







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    • Simple Lunch Idea

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    •  9/9/2013 10:24:01 PM
    •  I am at home on my own for lunch most days now! Wow! I never thought my kids would really all grow up and go to school, I even begged my little twins to stay home with me instead of going to school. I lost that one, they are so excited and loving every minute of being big! 

      Lunch Ideas: 

      For me, lunch is usually a salad of simple sorts, a handful of spinach topped with any fruit or veggie I can quickly chop. I am pretty simple most days. Lately I have a new favorite food and adding it to my salad has been such a delightful treat!

      Dry Roasted Garlic and Curry Yams!




      Preheat oven to 425 degrees

      1 yam,  chopped and quartered (see pic for size)

      Curry powder to taste

      Garlic powder to taste

      Salt and pepper if desired

      For this recipe I do not use any oil, but parchment paper is a must to prevent the yam from sticking.

      Place parchment paper on baking sheet, spread even layer of chopped yam and sprinkle with desired amount of seasonings. Bake for 20 minutes or until yams are soft, the thicker they are the longer it takes. When you pull them from the oven they should be a little crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. I love to eat these on the side of any meal or on top of my handful of spinach! 


      Super simple, but it makes lunch time a little more fun!

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    • Fall is coming!

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    •  9/2/2013 10:08:33 PM
    • Fall is around the corner and as much as I love summer, sunshine, and family vacations, fall is my favorite time of year. I love sitting by a cozy fire and enjoying a warm bowl of my favorite soup! This recipe is one you must add to your list of fall favorites! Shout out to Maintenance Mommy for creating this one!  I love to modify this one just a bit by adding a few sprinkles of curry powder to my bowl. So delicious!



      Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup


      1 butternut squash

      2 small onions

      1 head of garlic

      1 lb of baby carrots

      2 stalks of celery


      2 TBS of bouillon paste


      Cut the squash in half and quarter the onions. Arrange on a cookie sheet and drizzle with olive oil.

      Cut off one end of the garlic (just so you can see the cloves and wrap the garlic in tinfoil and put on pan also.  Bake at 400 degrees for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

      Meanwhile in a large part cover the carrots and celery with water (about 2 and a half cup).  Bring to a boil and cook for until carrots are tender.  When the squash is finished cooking, remove the seeds and scoop the rest into the soup.  Add the onions and squeeze about half of the garlic into the pot.  Add the bouillon.  Allow the soup to simmer for about 20 minutes.  Then pour the soup in "batches" into a food processor until smooth and creamy.  Return to pot to keep it warm.  I was amazed at how tasty a soup made of basically just vegetables could be this tasty.  

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