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    • Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie

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    •  4/29/2013 10:27:51 PM
    •  It's FINALLY warm enough outside to not want a piping hot bowl of oats for breakfast! HOORAY! If you are lucky enough to live in a place where it's been warm for a while, then this recipe is long overdue! I am excited to share what we have been blending up for breakfast at our house. It's a fun twist on oatmeal for breakfast!

      Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie




      1 cup rolled oats (quick oats) *adjust amount depending on desired thickness

      1 apple

      1 frozen banana

      4 frozen strawberries

      2 cups vanilla almond milk (OR 2 cups water 1/2 cup almonds and 1tsp vanilla)

      Cinnamon to taste

      2 tbsp chia seeds * optional

      2 tsbp flax seeds *optional

      Place all ingredients, except optional chia seeds, in a high powered blender. Blend on high until smooth, add chia seeds and blend on low until thoroughly mixed. ENJOY!



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    • Surprising benefits of Purple Cabbage

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    •  4/22/2013 11:53:22 AM
    •       Every time I am wandering through the produce isle, this vibrantly colored veggie calls to me. I love how it's bright purple color can make any meal exciting. Did you know that the beautiful purple color is saying more than just "take me home"? That bright purple color is telling you that it contains powerful polyphenols, minerals and antioxidants that can help prevent many diseases, including several types of cancers, heart disease, and there is even a study done by the American Academy of Neurology that shows it may lower the risk of developing Parkison's. If these reason aren't motivation enough, it has a delicious taste as well! BONUS! 

            Recently, I have been adding a small chunk to my green smoothies. I was pleasantly surprised that the bright purple color dominated over the green and my kids didn't even question me when I handed them their purple after school smoothie!  I recommend making your favorite green smoothie and adding 1/2 cup - 1 cup of purple cabbage, it doesn't seem to mess with the flavor as much as it does texture. You will want to serve this cold- add ice to the blender if you aren't using frozen fruit.

      Here are a couple other favorite recipes that use purple cabbage:


      Cruciferous Coleslaw



      Cabbage Fruit Salad



      What is your favorite way to use purple cabbage?

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    • Worried about our food? –You need to read this…

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    •  4/22/2013 10:54:49 AM

      Have you heard about the Food Revolution Summit yet? This is amazing

      Click here to Register ==> You need to check out the Food Revolution Summit.

      John Robbins (who left his father’s Baskin Robbins empire to become a bestselling author and veggie movement hero) is interviewing some of the top food experts on the planet.

      They’ll be exposing factory farms and the “ag gag” laws that make it illegal to even take pictures of them. They’ll tell you how to avoid health dangers and how to thrive on a plant-strong diet.

      And they’ll give you the latest breakthrough insights and up-to-the-minute research on the link between diet, health, and the future of our food!

      From April 27-May 5, John Robbins is personally interviewing 24 of the world’s top celebrated experts in movements for healthy, sustainable, humane and conscious food.

      These are some of the most brilliant and inspiring voices in the world today.

      And you can get it all online, from anywhere in the world, for no charge.

      Check out these amazing speakers here.

      In the Food Revolution Summit, you’ll get incredibly current resources to help you:

      • Find out why some vegetarians thrive and others do not

      • Cut through corporate BS and get the real story on GMOs, the Paleo diet, soy, good and bad fats, vitamins, and more

      • Bring your food choices into alignment with the world you want to create, and

      • Be an effective food advocate without having your loved ones think you’re a nut.

      Find out more and sign up here.

      I’ll be there. Will you join me?


      ~Newbie Mommy


      P.S. The Food Revolution Summit starts April 27, and when you sign up now, you get access to a Food Revolutionary Action Guide and lots of other great empowering tools, all for no charge. Check it out and sign up here.

      P.P.S. Once you get registered, please feel free to invite your friends and loved ones to this timely and important event about the future of our food and our health!

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    • Simply "shushi"

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    •  4/8/2013 10:54:46 PM
    •  My four year old has a minor obsession with sushi, or as she calls it Shushi. I was chatting with her about how exciting it will be for her to go to school all day next year. I asked what she was most excited about, her response surprised me, eating lunch at school! I laughed and asked what she wants to take in her lunch box, I bet you can guess her response: Hummus, pita chips, and SHUSHI!!  I do not plan on getting take out for her everyday, not practical and too expensive!  I have also wanted to attempt brown rice verses the traditional sticky white rice.  Saturday I decided to just give it a test run, all of my kids were thrilled when I announced what we would be eating for dinner. They all wanted to help. I just happen to have nori sheets from our first sushi attempt last year. I started boiling some brown rice and gathered some veggies from the fridge. The results were nothing short of delish. My kids helped and gobbled it up as fast as I could make it. My rice didn't turn out as sticky as traditional sushi rice, but it still worked great!




      If you are intimidated by making your own rolls, I am here to tell you that I have never attempted it before and it took one roll to get the technique down. Just go for it!!


      Simply Shushi



      10 Nori Sheets 

      Sushi rolling bamboo mat (these are a couple of dollars online or at an asian store)

      2 3/4 cups brown rice

      6 cups water

      2 avocados

      1 cup chopped purple cabbage

      10 sprigs of asparagus

      3 tbsp rice vinegar

      3 tbsp tamari, braggs, or soy sauce

      Garlic and sea salt Gomasio- to taste  *optional (image below)



      Bring 3 cups water to boil, add rice, cover and cook on medium-low for 40 minutes. Remove from heat and let it continue to steam while prepping the veggies. Add rice vinegar and tamari (braggs or soy sauce) to the rice and stir, keep covered to steam and allow for it to become slightly sticky. Slice avocado lengthwise for rolling. Place nori sheet on bamboo mat and cover with a thin layer of rice. place one sprig of asparagus, sliced avocados, and cabbage at top of the sheet and fold over pressing (squishing it) while you roll.  I took some pics of the process while my husband was rolling. The lighting in my home is a little yellow, but hopefully the images will help make it less intimidating. 


      Place rice and veggies on nori sheet (seaweed). Feel free to add any other veggies, cucumbers or carrots would be awesome. 



      Fold over and squish it a little to form the first part of the roll and secure veggies in roll.



      Keep rolling and gently squishing it together




      Finally slice with a very sharp knife, and sprinkle with gamasio and serve with your favorite dipping sauce!


      Garlic and Sea Salt Gomasio



      Happy Shushi rolling!!!

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    • Spring -Detox? Yes, please!

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    •  4/1/2013 7:25:35 PM
    • I am always amazed at how quickly I can go from being on a roll and feeling great to having a few slip ups and feeling tired grumpy and not productive! And all of that because of the food I CHOOSE to put into my body! Sometimes I forget I am not invincible and this is the only body I will ever have. I take it for granted and just throw junk in and expect to have the same results as when I take proper care.


      The last seven days: My husband and I took the kids away for spring break. I packed my beloved vitamix, lemon squeezer, and veggie steamer (weirdo, I know!) and had plans to stay right on track. I stuck to my plans and even went running and practiced yoga a few times. I was feeling great! Then we headed to spend Easter with cousins and family for a couple of days. We had all sorts of family events, each surrounded by piles of FOOD, I mean serious food. I ate as best I could, salads of all sorts and only a bite or two of desserts. It felt like we were finishing one meal just to start preparing the next. By the end of those two days I could barely take another bite of anything and had totally fallen out of whack... sound familiar to anyone else? My plans to stay on track on vacation quickly derailed when I was no longer preparing the food, I even volunteered to bring food along and got turned down. I could spend then next three paragraphs making excuses that we have all heard or used to justify our actions, but the truth of the matter is, I choose what I put in my body. 

      We got home late last night so Today started with this lovely and detoxing green smoothie recipe shared by a friend:


      Goodness Greeness!



      1  pear, quartered

      1  apple, quartered

      1 frozen banana

      1/2 head of romaine (about 8 leaves) roughly chopped

      2 cups (overflowing) spinach

      3 celery sticks

      1 handful parsley * optional, but great for a detox boost

      1 cup water

      1 cup ice

      Place water and greens in a high powered blender and blend until smooth, slowly add the rest and blend well. Makes two-four servings depending on how much you need!

       I split this in half and was perfectly full until well after lunch, when I had a small spinach salad. Now for dinner tonight, both my husband and I are still feeling the need to detox.  I just quickly chopped some veggies and slightly roasted them with a touch of sea salt and a spritz of olive oil. Super simple and could be done with just about any veggies you like. I used what I had on hand.




      Roasted Veggies


      Preheat oven to 425

      Slice a few wedged of cauliflower 

      Slice10-15 brussel sprouts in half

      Spritz with olive, if desired

      Sprinkle with sea salt

      I added some curry powder to my cauliflower 

      See Cilantro Curry Lime Cauliflower Recipe HERE

      Place on pan and roast at 425 for about 10 minutes. Just slightly browned and still crisp!


      Our body does a lot for us! Take time each season change to slow down, make a few simple easy to digest meals and drink your green smoothies. Our body needs to adjust to the seasons and there is nothing like a simplified detox to help aid in the transition.


      There are several forms of detoxing, take it at whatever level you want. Read more on detoxing HERE and HERE

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