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    • Whole food Snacking at Disney (or any day trip)

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    •  12/18/2013 11:09:29 PM
    • Have you ever thought it was impossible to each healthy while out and about?

      In the past we would end up making compromises and our kids would end up not feeling well along with mom and dad getting extra grumpy because of the junk we were eating. Well I have a simple solution that doesn't cost a thing … assuming you already have a backpack, a few containers,  and your healthy food on hand. I have been pleasantly surprised with how well this system is working for us.


      We start our day off with a healthy breakfast, then load the back pack with our lunch and snacks, and end up eating out somewhere for dinner. (if you are taking on Disneyland, there are several places on the wharf and one in cars land both in California Adventure that offer vegetarian or vegan if you pick right. HOORAY for that!)

      Sample of our backpack snacks:


      Snack mix:

      Nut; cashews, almonds, pistachios, and pumpkin seeds

      Dried fruit: cranberries, blueberries, apples

      Corn nuts and dark chocolate m&m's.

      Rapsberries, apples,  and/or clementines 


      Separate container: baby carrots, cauliflower, broccoli


      Avocado sandwiches for the kiddos.

      One small container of mixed greens with two forks for mom and dad.

      Salad add ins: extra nuts and dried fruit, shredded cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, and/or broccoli

      It is amazing how keeping our tummies full on healthy snacks all day helped us enjoy our family time and didn't leave us stuck making poor choices at the food kiosks! I know there are some of you out there who think, vacation is just that, VACATION from everything (eating healthy included). I am up for a splurge here and there, but I find if we all fall of track then we are all extra grumpy and it can really throw a wrench into our trip. 

      Happy Healthy snacking and safe Holiday travels!



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    • Moderation in all things right? … WRONG!

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    •  12/10/2013 3:01:36 PM
    •  This is a phrase that really causes me to bite my tongue in conversation with people about food. I am especially careful these days because  I have moved to a new area and want to take my time scaring everyone away from inviting us over for friendly dinners. Ha ha. But really, "moderation in all things" will give you just that, moderation in all things. I see people who believe this statement who have arthritis in their hands and/or have to take several daily medications to maintain blood pressure or other things. That is true moderation in all things, they have moderate disease as well as the ability to eat what they want and justify it with that phrase. It's truly a handicap that for some reason as a society we have just accepted as a norm. I was there too, I always thought those that refrained from food were just a little but wacky, but now I see it very differently. I feel more accountable for the information I have and the ability that is gives me to take proper care of myself and my family.


      I have to admit I have fallen further off the track than I normally allow. Since moving to an entirely new area and spending time with new friends, I have been trying to seem less uptight and more laid back about the foods my kids eat. Can I tell you what I have noticed in the last month? Grumpy, tired, and sick kids. Not sleeping well and not getting along like they normally do. Two kids with stuffy sinuses and coughing a lot. At first when I noticed this I thought I was just being too crazy and wanted to allow my kids to feel "normal" at their new school with packing fun treats and surprises in their lunch boxes. It has back fired on me big time. Totally not worth the moderation in all things from this moms perspective. Reality check hit hard this past weekend and we are getting back on track. GREENS AT EVERY MEAL! I let the kiddos take turns piecing their faves, but there is no exception! Be it lettuce, kale, broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts, snap peas, green beans, cucumbers, green peppers, cilantro, parsley, etc. They choose and we add it in. 

      It is actually very simple:

      Breakfast: Green Smoothies 


      Lunch: Salads or veggie sandwiches with lettuces


      Dinner: Sides with dinner or make the green the main event of your family meal

      We have so many great recipes on our site to help you (and Me) get on track. It is especially important during this holiday season when we know santa is watching and we want to be on our best behavior. Its hard to be happy when our body is feeling grumpy! 

      Here is a great article from Jeff Novick about moderation in all things!

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    • Pomegranates

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    •  12/2/2013 10:20:33 PM
    •  This delightful fruit has always been appealing to me with its beautiful vibrant red color that sparkles and glistens... but the darn thing is so hard to open that I usually pass it up. I mean really people, who has time for that "carefully cutting then soaking in water to gently pick out the seeds one at a time so they don't burst open" method?  You are in luck, if you aren't one of the 1.5 million people who have already been enlightened by this next video then please allow me to share it with you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video that I found today that has forever changed my life and love for pomegranates! Please take a moment to watch this life changer: (plus the guy it pretty funny, well at least he thinks so, haha) And PS. Put on an apron before you try to work along with the video, I ruined a pretty white shirt today, he mentions the possible mess at the end. 








      A few of their health benefits according to one of my fave docs, Dr Joel Fuhrman:



      Not only are pomegranates good for your heart and blood vessels but they have been shown to inhibit breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, leukemia and to prevent vascular changes that promote tumor growth in lab animals.3 Several in vitro studies have shown this remarkable anti-cancer effect. Additional studies and clinical trials currently taking place are hopeful to reveal this fascinating effect on humans.

      Also of note, pomegranate juice contains phytochemical compounds that stimulate serotonin and estrogen receptors, improving symptoms of depression and increasing bone mass in lab animals.



      Many studies show that the pomegranate is one of the most powerful, nutrient dense foods for overall good health. These clinical findings clearly show a correlation between pomegranate compounds and their positive effect on both human and animal cardiovascular, nervous, and skeletal health. This is one fruit that you can't afford to exclude from your diet!


      Read article here


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