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    • Three Bean Chili

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    •  11/6/2013 8:22:27 PM

          This past week has been oh so busy for our family; we have relocated to a new state (Texas), changed schools, and left so many friends behind while trying to make new ones. The kids are finally registered and attending their new school and the house is about half unpacked (and it will prob stay that way while we house hunt!) Needless to say, we are busy and dinner time has been sneaking up on me too quickly! Last night we got home around 5:30pm after a long day and we were all very hungry. I have not yet hit up the local grocery to load up the fridge (that arrived Thursday), so we went to the pantry. This is a the perfect time and place for canned goods!

      Three Bean Chili


      4 pre-baked potatoes (or microwave them quick while the beans cook)

      1 cup pre cooked quinoa (I try to keep a few cups cooked in my fridge for moments just like this)

      1 can black beans

      1 can kidney beans

      1 can chipotle pinto beans

      1 can diced tomatoes

      1/2 cup chopped cilantro

      2-3 green onions, chopped

      1/2 lime for juice ( 1-2 tbsp lime juice)

      1 Tbsp garlic powder

      1 Tbsp onion powder

       Sprinkle with cumin to taste


      Chop baked potatoes into small cubes and combine with all ingredients into a large pot. Heat on medium heat for about 10 minutes or until desired heat. Enjoy!



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    • Chili-Lime Toasted Cashews

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    •  11/6/2013 8:22:05 PM
    •  I just got home from a week in Oregon for my first week of Yoga Teacher Training. It was an incredible experience for many reasons, but the part I would love to share with you is the FOOD. We had all our meals prepared for us by a vegan chef! It was amazing food with so many flavors. I will be working on recreating a few for the site, fingers crossed that I can pull it off :)

      One item I did ask how to make was the Chili-Lime Toasted Cashews we were served during the afternoon snack time.  These were seriously amazing and oh so simple.

      Chili-Lime Toasted Cashews



      4 cups raw cashews

      1/4 cup fresh lime juice (if possible)

      1-2 tsp sesame oil (olive oil works too)

      1 tsp smoked paprika

      1 1/2 tsp chili powder 

      2 tsp sea salt


      Heat oil in a large skillet on medium high heat, toss in the cashew and stir until edges start to brown. Remove from heat and toss in the remaining ingredients, coat evenly. Enjoy alone or use as a flavorful salad topping.

      • Does this call for a 1/4 of a lime, juiced or is a 1/4 cup, tsp, tbsp? Thank you for the clarification.
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    • REALLY KFC ~ again??

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    •  10/1/2013 8:07:20 PM
    •  As if society needs more mixed signals! Leave it to KFC to keep "helping" find research for disease they they happily contribute to. This has to stop! We need to a big wake up call. I understand people "need" their soda to go with their meals but to use disease as a cross promotion sells technique is really just pushing me beyond my ability to keep calm. This is seriously and outrageous thing that KFC is doing! If you don't frequent a KFC then (I applaud you) you haven't seen their previous attempt to make a buck. (a friend recently posted this image on fb) See below:




      SO grab this MEGA jug of SUGAR to help fight a disease while  it contributes to type 2 ... say wha....?? REALLY I hope you are as concerned as I am about our future generation. If a person is really interested in helping find a cure you are starting in the WRONG place with that jug! How about add a side of steamed broccoli or collards, or kale and donate ten minutes of your time education the population on the fact that this poster is a flat out JOKE! 


      KFC is in the business of making dollar bills, not trying to prevent anything. Promotion of disease causing items is what keeps them in business and the vicious cycle continues with a poster like this. And we wonder why our country is so sick! YIKES! 


      They crossed the line before with their buckets for a cure, read more about that here.


      Okay I am done exploding... Thanks for listening! 

       I get a little heated and maybe over excited when I see things like this, its a total disappointment. 


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