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    • Inspiration~Motivation

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    •  8/25/2012 9:10:20 AM
    • Just wanted to share a quick story with you.

      My Uncle who comes from farm country (meat and potatoes family), has known how we eat for a few years. His daughter lived with us while going to college and changed her diet and her major! I am not sure how he has felt about it, but I think he "knew" we were a little crazy. ha. Well...last week he asked my husband what he did to lose weight a few years ago. He wanted exact details, knowing it was completely diet related. My husband lost 80 lbs in a matter of months, just by changing diet. He is still not a big exerciser and has maintained that loss within about 10 pounds.

      My husband gave him details, based on a diet that comes from the book by Joel Fuhrman, Eat to Live. Dr Fuhrman offers a 6 week challenge in the back of his book and my husband followed his guidelines strictly. (He easily lost 40lbs in that time)

      The guidelines that he share with his uncle:

      -Fruit for breakfast (a few fruits)

      -1 lb of salad for lunch, a lot of spinach and romaine with a variety of veggies, topped with beans and raw nuts. He did not use dressing (at first he used a little balsamic vinegar).

      -Dinner was steamed veggie (about a pound) not overcooked. Fresh not frozen, if you can.

      He followed this strictly for 6 weeks and was 40 pounds lighter! It was crazy awesome, he felt better than ever, thoughts were clearer, energy was up, and motivation to continue this lifestyle was abundant!

      Update on his uncle: within 2 day he had lost 5 lbs, its quick to lose water weight because of all the salt we consume in eating processed foods. By day six he was 9 whole pounds lighter! 

      AWESOME right??  It reminds me to get back to the basics. That's where it's at!

      Love and Light


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    • Greek Delight!

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    •  8/25/2012 9:11:44 AM
    • I have been lucky enough to spend time in New York with my husband's family. We have had a wonderful vacation with the kiddos. Last Night my (greek) brother in law made us this delightful dish. My brother in law owns a restaurant in Brooklyn (the menu features some of our recipes!) he can cook, the flavor was incredible. It didn't take more than 25 minutes from start to finish. He said it's a dish his mother would make him when he was a little boy in Greece. I watched him whip up the dish and wrote down the ingredients as he was cooking. He does not use exact measurements so he and I guessed together. I would say its pretty accurate. 


      Greek Delight


      1 white onion chopped

      1/2 bunch of green onions (about 5) chopped

      1 bunch of fresh dill, about 3/4 cup chopped

      1-2 TBSP olive oil

      1 can on cannellini beans, drained and rinsed

      2 cans of artichokes hearts in water, keep liquid

      1 lemon for juice


      In a medium size pot, warm olive oil and add onions both white and green to saute for 3 or 4 minutes. Add the freshly chopped dill, stir and continue to saute on medium heat. Combine the rest of ingredients into the pot and stir. Cook over medium heat for 15-20 minutes or until soft. Serve warm. 


      Seriously easy and seriously delicious!

      Sending you Greek Love,



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    • Helping our kids!

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    •  8/12/2012 7:15:51 PM
    •   I just had the pleasure of attending PCRM's Food for Life Seminar yesterday! It was so fabulous to sit in a room with about 60 other like minded individuals and learn from the source. Dr Neal Barnard was wonderful and so personable. He even cracked a few jokes and made us all laugh.

      There was a lecture by Susan Levin, MS, RD "Nutrition and kids" that got to me fired up!  I wanted to share a couple of stats she showed us.

      - Over the past three decades childhood OBESITY rates in America have tripled. (not overweight, but OBESE children!)

      -One in every three children in the United States is overweight or obese


       If this is new news for you, I will give you a moment to pause and think about this. If these stats continue on the same path then who will be around to lead the country in 50- 60-70 years? We will have a nation full of very ill people all needing assistance. 


       Its really time we stop and take action! We need to see a change. I have spent the last couple of weeks traveling across our country and enjoying historical sites and war memorials. I have been overwhelmed and deeply touched by the efforts that were made to make our country what it is today. But the one thing that really stood out to me when watching the videos at the Capitol Building and Gettysburg was seing the conviction and desire to stand up for what they knew was right and not back down. I am not suggesting putting your life on the line, but if you are a mother who has children eating school lunches, it is time we demand better. Let our voices be heard. Ask for better or make your own from home. 

       It makes me feel awful when I see a child that is overweight or obese and they feel uncomfortable in their own skin. It is not right! Exercise is not the answer, it is nutrition. There have been studies published proving that exercise does very little on its own or even at all when compared to diet. You can run your heart out on a treadmill for an hour and only burn a few hundred calories that are easily consumed in that after workout soda or candy bar. Our children are fighting a losing battle and we are sending them to war with the wrong "weapons".  There is no way they can be healthy or expect lose weight when cheese pizza and chicken nuggets with fries are daily options.  We need to take the time to educate our children and make an effort in our communities to share what we know.

      When we know better we do better!

      Love and Education,


      PS. If you are not familiar with PCRM or the Food For Life program I urge you to take a look at their site. Find a local instructor in your area or BECOME one! 

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    • Flamboyant Veggie Sandwich

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    •  8/3/2012 8:53:17 PM
    •  Flamboyant: marked by or given to strikingly elaborate or colorful display


      having a very noticeable quality that attracts a lot of attention.


         I am on a glorious road trip across our beautiful country with my family. I will be the first to admit that eating healthy on the road is NOT easy! As always, I am determined to make that different for my family. This time I packed up veggies (spinach, lettuce, peppers, avocado,carrots, tomatoes), PB, honey, jam, whole grain bread, and a few other snacks. While on the road, I would pull out my flexible cutting board and favorite cutco knife, slice up a few items and pile it on a bed of spinach and call that a meal. For the kids, I rinse and drain black beans, add some tomatoes, add avocados to the mix, and give them each a bowl full with a spoon. I know this isn't the most convenient way and it can get a little messy, but I feel a lot better about cleaning up a mess than I do about drive thru windows.


      Back to the sandwich...


          It's day 5 or maybe 6 of our trip. We have stopped in a few places and had some creative meals... I love explaining to the waitress that we want one of each veggie they can round up, no meat? yes we are vegetarian... oh yes no cheese on that... yes we are vegan... is usually how the convo goes. 


          After getting sandwiches from a bakery that cost $7.50 each for lettuce, tomatoes, apples,and dried cranberries on a slice of whole wheat, I was pretty sure I could feed my whole family of 6 lunch for $7.50 if I could get to a grocery store. Inspired by the apples and cranberries on our previous days lunch, I came up with my own version that would be considered flamboyant compared to what we have been able to order in the mid-west.

      Flamboyant Veggie Sand:   


      2 slices of whole grain/wheat bread

      1/4 avocado

      1-2 TBSP hummus

      1-2 tsp spicy mustard

      2 leave of butter lettuce (any green leafy lettuce will do)

      4 thin slices green apple

      2 TBSP dried cranberries 

      1/2 roma tomato sliced

      1 tsp raw sunflower seeds

      1 tsp raw pumpkin seeds


      Start with hummus on both slices, then place the sliced avocado and all the other toppings listed above on the bread. Spread the spicy mustard on the other slice and sprinkle with garlic and onion powder and then salt and pepper. * if desired.


      If I wasn't traveling I would add a slice or two of red onion for even more flavor! Be creative add or take away what you want.

      This sandwich was a hit, I wish I would've taken a pic for ya'll! I will be making it again soon, because that list of ingredients is what I have in my car. Ha. I will take a pic and show off that flamboyant veggie sand!

      Hope you enjoy!

      Happy Summer Travels,



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