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    • CNN "The last heart attack" VIDEO

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    •  8/29/2011 6:19:08 PM
    •  If you missed the show last night like I did, here is the video. Please watch and share with those you love! We want the word out so lives can be saved!


       If the video isn't working here is the link: CNN "The last heart attack"



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    • Carob Chips Pancakes

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    •  8/22/2011 8:54:36 PM
    •  Carob Chip Pancakes


      This is such a fun little breakfast treat. My kids act like it's Christmas morning when we make these.

      It's VERY simple:

      Honey Wheat Pancake Mix

      Krusteaz Whole Wheat Pancake mix (it does have some mixed flours and other not perfect ingredients)

      Carob chips or any other vegan chips.


      Heat griddle to 350 degrees

      Make mix according to package.


      Pour onto the griddle and sprinkle with a handful of carob chips, use a spoon to pat the chips into the pancake so it's covered with mix. Serve warm and ENJOY!




      We do not even have to put syrup or anything on top. Any extra can be stored for later. My kids love to eat them cold for a snack:)

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    • Watch CNN on Sunday!

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    •  8/19/2011 12:40:13 PM

      Tune in to CNN this Sunday to learn more about the benefits of eating a whole food plant-based diet. I am so excited that Bill Clinton is bold enough to talk publicly about his diet changes and the effect it has on him and can have on our country!


      If you have a skeptic in your house, have them tune in with you! 





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    • Cross Country Road Trip!

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    •  8/12/2011 10:04:25 PM
    •  My Husband and I get the bug... its bad.. ok not really!

      WE LOVE TO TRAVEL! We don't stay put for very long. We have slowed it down quite a bit because it is so hard to travel and eat well.  I have been determined this year to be more prepared when we travel so that we don't have to stop and grab a bite at a window. (know what I mean?)

      Well Monday this week,  we decided to load up our kids and travel across the country to visit my husband's sister who just had her first child. We mapped it out, 14 hours one day, 14 hours the next, and 8 the following. We wanted to travel efficiently and not eat garbage food all day. I got out the cooler and chopped up some honey dew, strawberries, and cucumbers. Then I got some apples and bananas, a bag of spinach, grapes and some peppers. I even drained and rinsed a couple of cans of black beans and out it all in the cooler. 

      My husband and I had "salads" while we drove. I place spinach, grapes, and broccoli in a bag and just eat it by the handful. The grapes make for a great "dressing" flavor. 

      We even stopped and ate out at taco bell..... I know it's not the best, but the kids got refried bean burritos (no cheese no sauce) and My husband and I got veggies burritos no cheese or sour cream.  There are some options out there is you look hard :) 

      The extra effort put in to packing the healthy snacks was well worth it!


      Every time the kids asked for something I had plenty healthy options on hand. 


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    • Tiffany's Waldorf Pitas

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    •  8/5/2011 1:06:43 PM
    •  My sweet older sister was in town for a week and of course we talk food. She feeds her kids very well, but she is the QUEEN of yummy snacks and delicious dishes! (sometimes not so healthy... sorry Tiff :)

      We were talking one afternoon and she said she craves chicken salad sandwiches, then she proceeded to suggest I create a healthy version. I threw it back at her and suggested she make one and share it with me! SHE DID IT!!! And you guys are in for a real treat, it was DELICIOUS! It turned out more like a waldorf salad, hence the name:




      1 Apple 

      2 C. red grapes

      3 celery sticks

      3/4 C chopped walnuts

      2 TBSP veganaise

      4 green onions 

      1 avocado (optional, - a great source of good fats)

      1 can of black beans drained and rinsed

      salt and pepper to taste

      Finely chop all ingredients and mix in together with veganaise. Add avocado last so it doesn't get all mushy in the mixture. Scoop into a whole wheat pita with spinach or romaine lettuce and enjoy!

      **I have also challenged her to convert her favorite snacks into vegan/healthier versions and guest blog for us!! Hopefully we will hear from her soon because I cannot wait for her next recipe!!



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