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    • Wrap it up!

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    •  1/31/2011 8:33:54 AM
    • A twist on an old favorite. SALAD

      I was inspired by my husband to make a wrap for lunch the other day. I was talking to him on the phone and he was telling me about a delicious wrap he had for lunch. My stomach growled, I wanted one! I went to the fridge and had some leftover salad from the night before. I chopped up some fresh avocados and cucumbers, threw it all in a whole wheat tortilla and VOILA!  A delicious and nutritious lunch! It was so satisfying!  The next night for dinner I made up a quick salad.



      2-3 large handfuls-Spinach leaves

      5 Strawberries chopped

       2 avocados chopped

      1 floret broccoli chopped

       1/2 cucumber chopped

      1-2 TBSP of dressing (my kids like poppy seed)

      Mix it all together in a bowl and place a scoop in the center of a whole wheat tortilla or pita and ENJOY!

      My kids LOVED it! Even the two year old twins! I had to help them out quite a bit, but they felt pretty special having their own little wrap!


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    • 5-a day is not ENOUGH!!

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    •  1/21/2011 1:52:30 PM


       I found this article on webMD! Hooray, the word is slowly spreading. I love reading articles like this so I thought I would share a few paragraphs.

      WebMD Health News

      Reviewed by Keith Barnard, MD


      Jan. 18, 2011 -- We’re all urged to eat five servings of FRUITS AND VEGETABLES a day, but new research finds eight servings may be needed to cut the risk of dying from HEART DISEASE.

      The diet and lifestyles of more than 300,000 people across eight countries in Europe found that people who ate at least eight portions of fruits and vegetables a day had a 22% lower risk of dying from HEART DISEASE than those who ate three portions a day.

      Each additional portion in fruits and vegetables was linked to a 4% LOWER RISK OF DEATH.

      One portion counted as 80 grams, such as a small banana, a medium apple, or a small carrot.

      Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and around the world, accounting for more than one in every four deaths in the United States, according to the CDC.



      In a statement, Victoria Taylor, senior dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, says, “The take-home message is still that eating fruit and vegetables is healthy for your heart. We need to remember to MAKE FIVE PORTIONS OUR MINIMUM as the more fruit and vegetables people ate the lower their risk of dying from heart disease became.”

      Recent research from the British Heart Foundation and the University of Oxford suggested that 15,000 LIVES A YEAR COULD BE SAVED if everyone ate five servings a day.




      I know that it is not always easy and maybe it will feel like too big  of a jump for some to switch to eight servings a day, but if we could all take those baby steps. Chop up and apple and dip in in peanut butter instead of a candy bar. Snack on broccoli while watching TV instead of potato chips.(even though potatoes are a veg.ha) Start swapping one or two things. My kids will eat an apple if its chopped up and ready to go, even if they whine and say no at first. I usually end up having to cut two three more for them. 


      It takes time to adjust your lifestyle, but  you are the one who receives the benefits, you deserve health!! Its not too late to make another resolution, if I may suggest one: Add 1-2 servings of fruits and veggies to daily diet.


      If that means going from zero to 2 then hooray for you! If that means taking it from 5 to 7 then way to go. We are all on a journey to better ourselves and our lifestyle. Let's baby step together!

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    • Peachy Green Smoothie

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    •  1/15/2011 2:05:30 PM
    • We already know that I am a sucker for a good smoothie. Any quick easy way to get my nutrients on the go. 

      Over our Holiday travels I sent my husband to the store for some frozen fruit. He came back with a giant costco sized bag of frozen peaches..... I have to admit I wasn't  thrilled.  I like a good mix for quick added flavor. I threw together a quick smoothie and was THRILLED with the results!



      2 oranges peeled

      1 cup rice milk or water

      1 banana (fresh or frozen)

      2-3 large handfuls of spinach

      1 cup frozen peaches

      Blend until smooth and sit back and enjoy!!! 

      It was so refreshing and simple. It has become my new favorite smoothie!


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    • Milk and CANCER

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    •  1/8/2011 9:01:28 AM

      I have been trying to figure out this whole milk dilemma, I believe from reading The China Study and Dr Campbell's research that its the protein in the milk that is the big problem. But after reading this article, there is so much more wrong with our milk supply. The safest bet, if you haven't yet, is it to switch to soy, rice, or ALMOND milk. 

      My sweet cousin emailed me an article from the Harvard University Gazette -published in 2006. It is mind blowing to me that information like this can be found all over if you just do the research. The dairy industry spends millions a year on advertising to keep us believing how good this creamy white mucus filled substance is for our bodies. YUCK! It's hard for me to believe that I spent  28 years of my life, eating what advertiser sold to me was "good for you". I remember being pregnant with my second child and forcing myself to drink at least one glass of milk a day for all the added vitamin and calcium benefits.  Lucky for me I have never liked milk, but what a joke that doctors are making sure we drink it as well. I felt like I was a bad mom for not taking care of the tiny growing baby inside me, because I didn't have my 3-a-day! yikes!

      Take the time do the research. You are in charge of your family and your health!

      A few of my favorites parts from the article: 

      Ganmaa Davaasambuu
      Ganmaa Davaasambuu, a Mongolia-trained medical doctor, a Japan-trained Ph.D. in environmental health, and a current fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study: 'The milk we drink today may not be nature's perfect food.




      Hormones in milk can be dangerous

      By Corydon Ireland 
      Harvard News Office



      Ganmaa's topic was lunch-appropriate: the suspected role of cow's milk, cheese, and other dairy products in hormone-dependent cancers. (Those include cancers of the testes, prostate, and breast.)



      "Among the routes of human exposure to estrogens, we are mostly concerned about cow's milk, which contains considerable amounts of female sex hormones," Ganmaa told her audience. Dairy, she added, accounts for 60 percent to 80 percent of estrogens consumed.


      Milk from a cow in the late stage of pregnancy contains up to 33 times as much of a signature estrogen compound (estrone sulfate) than milk from a non-pregnant cow.

      In a study of modern milk in Japan, Ganmaa found that it contained 10 times more progesterone, another hormone, than raw milk from Mongolia.

      In traditional herding societies like Mongolia, cows are milked for human consumption only five months a year, said Ganmaa, and, if pregnant, only in the early stages. Consequently, levels of hormones in the milk are much lower.

      "The milk we drink today is quite unlike the milk our ancestors were drinking" without apparent harm for 2,000 years, she said. "The milk we drink today may not be nature's perfect food."


      Later in the article,



      Cancer rates linked to dairy can change quickly, said Ganmaa. In the past 50 years in Japan, she said, rising rates of dairy consumption are linked with rising death rates from prostate cancer - from near zero per 100,000 five decades ago to 7 per 100,000 today.

      Butter, meat, eggs, milk, and cheese are implicated in higher rates of hormone-dependent cancers in general, she said. Breast cancer has been linked particularly to consumption of milk and cheese.

      In another study, rats fed milk show a higher incidence of cancer and develop a higher number of tumors than those who drank water, said Ganmaa."



      she continues later,


      "But steps can be taken now to reduce the amount of hormones in milk, said Ganmaa. Because hormones reside in milk fat, drinking skim milk is one option. Getting calcium from green leafy vegetables is another."


      Read entire article here



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    • Quick pasta Dinner (HUGE hit with my kids!)

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    •  1/5/2011 6:34:50 PM

      It seems my best creations come when I am crunched for time or short on ingredients.  We finally made it home Saturday night, after being out of town for almost three weeks! You can just imagine how bare my kitchen was when I got home. I sent my sweet husband to the store with a small list and just told him to grab enough to get through Sunday and some basics for survival. 

      Well Sunday came and  to my surprise (not really) my family was hungry and I had to come up with something to eat. I searched the pantry shelves, I  had some whole wheat pasta and red sauce... I started boiling the pasta and not being a huge fan a red sauce I tried to come up with some alternative. I opened the fridge, knowing nothing would be there, but what to my wandering eyes should appear..... broccoli, avocados, and spinach!! Hooray for GREEN FOOD! After traveling and visiting family for a few weeks my body was ready for green overload! Hooray for my husband snagging stuff that was not on my list! 




      My dish turned out like this:

      1 box of Whole Grain/Wheat Pasta (I used Ronzoni  13.25 oz)

      1 broccoli crown

      1 avocado

      3 Cups chopped spinach leaves

      3-4 TBSP lite italian dressing (I use Annie's natural) any would do the trick

      Cook pasta according to package directions. I used penne just because I like the shape, any shape would work.  While the pasta is cooking chop broccoli into small pieces. While draining pasta, place broccoli in the bottom of the same pan used for cooking pasta. Pour pasta back into the pan on  top  of the broccoli. Then cover and let the warm pasta steam the broccoli. While steaming, chop spinach and place in then bottom of the serving dish. Next, pour pasta and broccoli over spinach and let the warm pasta steam spinach. Cover and let sit while cubing your avocado. Stir in avocado and italian dressing and serve warm or chilled.  (I am sure you could add some black or kidney beans as well, play with it, make it your own.)

      I made this dish while my husband and older two girls were out playing in the snow. I was bracing myself for the, "OH MOM-NOT THIS" battle. When I called them in for dinner, they smiled and GOBBLED it up with no complaints!! Um who are these little people... even my two year old twins ate and asked for more? UM.... am I a super hero with super powers or is it really that good to their little taste buds! I think they enjoyed the simplicity of the flavor and maybe their bodies were craving the green!


      **I made it again last night and added a little more broccoli and spinach just to see if it would be received so well again.... .it worked, they ate!!


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