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    • Wow... Double WOW!

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    •  5/30/2010 11:28:44 PM

    •     What a weekend. I had planned for this weekend to be pretty stressful and jam packed with events. My in-laws and  my husband's cousin with his wife and three kids were coming to visit, our Japanese exchange student was moving in, and I had an annual follow up appointment at the Huntsman Cancer Institute for my BRCA gene.


           Friday was my appointment with Huntsman. I am part of a study of people who carry the BRCA gene. I go in annually for a blood test, check up, and to meet with a genetic counselor. This time was going to be different for me because I have lost the fear that I have carried for years. I have learned so much about nutrition and its power over disease. This time I wanted to go in there and ask all the questions. I was frustrated and wanted to give them an ear full. Luckily for me, I don't have the guts to do that. These people are very nice. I sat down and started chatting about the latest news on the gene and was told about a new drug I could take that could give me some peace of mind.... That's when I got the guts (or at least a little bit of courage). I started talking about nutrition and the peace of mind I have by eating a whole food plant based diet. I told her that I am not worried when I go to bed every night that I may wake up and find a lump. She listened and smiled. I thought for sure all her years in western medicine would have her judging me and patting me on the head a with "good for you, BUT" comment. I was so shocked when I brought up "The China Study, not only had she heard of it but she had started reading. I was more shocked when she told me that an oncologist friend of hers is the one whoe recommended it to her. Ummm WHAT? and YIPEE!  She was so open and honest with me. I am not sure she is completely sold on the idea of the diet, but I am very hopeful.

             We ended up talking for an hour and half, making her late for a meeting. She proceeded to tell me that three of her oncologist friends and a couple of nurses have read "The China Study" and no longer eat animal protein. By the end of our conversation, she had talked to me about being a national advocate. (I am not sure what exactly that means, but I am thrilled at he idea of making even a small difference) I will jump at the chance to help even one other BRCA carrier have peace of mind!




               I got home just before the arrival of my husband's cousins... the meat eating, cattle farmers... HOW in the world am I going to feed them our vegan-like diet for the whole weekend? Lucky for me it was cold and stormy out, so a pot of so simple black bean soup didn't seem so far fetched. We ate and I heard no complaints. In fact, I was surprised when my husband's cousin's wife started to tell how they are eating healthier. I was happy for them, but knew it wasn't the time to spill my guts (I have learned that people don't like to be told that they are wrong....). After putting all the kids to bed we settled in to chat for the evening. As we got talking, more questions about nutrition came up. There was a lot of asking and answering questions. The only one who was a little skeptical was the husband. I was surprised at how agreeable his wife was with our diet. So I couldn't resist myself, I had to suggest they read "The China Study". I was shocked when his wife looked at me and said, oh I've read that! OK WHAT?

             Two people in separates areas of my life in one day have confessed to reading "The China Study"? Talk about a jaw dropper. I didn't have to worry about what I was cooking. She was actually worried that I would be cooking bad food for them, ha! I just can't explain the excitement and joy this day has brought me, the future is looking bright!


      DOUBLE WOW!!!!!




      If you haven't had the chance to read " The China Study" by Dr. T Colin Campbell, I highly recommend it. It's a life changer, one worth making!



             People are starting to question our typical western diet. They are looking for change. Diseases are being linked to diet in more common studies. Oncologists are changing their diets and suggesting others do the same. I can't help but be thrilled at the success of this day!

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    • Too Busy for healthy food?

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    •  5/15/2010 10:43:59 AM
    • As I sit here typing this, I am sipping on my green fruit smoothie. Each Whole Food Mommy has our own variations on the smoothie. I am pretty sure mine is a little different every time I make it. It all depends on what I have in my fridge and freezer. It took me months before I had the confidence to just throw one together.



      Today mine was made  with:

      1/2 c water

      about 15 purple grapes

      1 banana

      8 leaves of kale (without the stem) If you haven't used kale before, I slice or rip mine off the stem making sure to get all the leafy green part.

      2 handfuls of baby spinach

      1 Tbsp flaxseed

      1/2 c costcos frozen fruit (its a tropical blend)


      I threw it all in my vita mix and tadaaaaa, lunch on the go. The extra Kale made it a little bitter, but I am use to the flavors and actually enjoy it. If you are new to all this "eating greens" then maybe just throw in a couple of leaves. Kale is a super food and is worth choking down until you LOVE it (or at least appreciate the benefit enough to drink it).



      Lunch on the go is something that is so important to me right now. I can barely get the laundry folded (OK, so I can't even get to that most days!) I have 3 kids at home that keep me hopping.. The twins are 19 months now, we just celebrated a 4th bday, and I have a 7 year old who is at school. She  needs to be picked and run to and from dance and other activities. I know how hard it is to prepare healthy meals for a busy family. I am no super fantastic mom with all the answers. I am however trying daily to get it right. Sometimes I fall short, but having this website and watching all the members join is so inspiring to me.  We are all striving to be better, I think that deserves some credit! The days I don't have a lot of time, I like to have the ingredients on hand for these quick dinners:


      So simple black bean soup


      Anytime Bean dip-Dinner


      Taco Soup


      Black bean lettuce wraps


      Bean Tacos



      I keep setting a goal for myself to plan meal in advance. Something that I found helpful and more realistic for my life is planning 4-5 dinners a week. That way I can buy the food for the menu and make them anytime that week. I don't feel the pressure of following a strict schedule, but my life is just organized enough to know what I am making for dinner. This way my kids don't end up eating rice and beans with a side of broccoli every night


      Happy Meal Planning! (it really does help)


      I would love to hear your ideas as well. Thanks for reading!




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    • Happy Mother's Day~

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    •  5/11/2010 11:31:10 AM
    • Happy Mother's Day to all the women out there who influence the lives of others! What a great day to celebrate us!


      This is my first official Mother's Day as a whole food-er(last year we were so new to it all). My husband and kids usually make me breakfast in bed that would consist of eggs, bacon, and toast. I was pleasantly surprised with a Fruit and Spinach smoothie. Its one of my Favorites. It was so fun more me to listen to my husband and kids to figure out how mom makes it. I love the effort they put into it!


      Then to my ultimate surprise my sweet husband looked up recipes on our site to cook me KALE HASH BROWNS!  They were fantastic!! I hadn't tried them yet. If you are like me and stick to a few favorite recipes, branch out and try this one! Thanks Maintenance Mommy for creating this! YUM!


      The surprises didn't end there. My husband had planned all our family meals for the day from our website! What a sweetie! For lunch he planned Roasted Veggie Sandwich and for dinner Black bean lettuce wraps! It turned out to be a fantastic day!


      Our website is such a fantastic resource that even I forget to use as often as I should. My husband said, "it was so easy, I just looked up breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes.

      If you haven't tried a new recipe lately, I highly recommend any of these. I even got my kids to try the kale hash browns. They complained, but I pulled the "its Mother Day" card so tried them and even liked them!

      Happy Cooking to all! Hope its a great week!

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