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    • WEEKLY WEIGH IN 8-30-2009

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    •  8/31/2009 5:33:41 PM
    • I stepped on the scale early Sunday morning, after a weekend of BB-Q's and a couple of splurges.

      I am more than please to announce a loss of 2.2 lbs!!

      I tried really hard to drink an '" easy green drink" everyday. I know that's what made the difference for me. If I can get in all the green veggies I should, then the weight just comes off with very little effort on my part. I know once I get a good balance between food and exercise then the weight will drop off like nothing. But like everyone out there. Finding the balance and the time is the hardest part. Good luck!

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    • WEEKLY WEIGH-IN 8-23-09

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    •  8/25/2009 11:16:59 PM
    • What a great week, I was nervous to step on that scale, but to my surprise......

      I had a LOSS of 1.8 lbs!!

      I don't know why I continue to be surprised at how easy and consistently the weight is coming off. I have found the KEY TO EASY WEIGHT LOSS. Not only is it the key for losing weight but while you follow this way of eating you are also gaining health!

      *I found the THE KEY TO EASY WEIGHT LOSS in 2 books (I am reading others that follow along these same lines), I can promise if you read and follow the information in these two books you will gain the knowledge to LIVE A LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE. There is never a better time than right now to start your journey to a healthy happy self. How fantastic that you can LOSE WEIGHT in the process!!!! I would read or listen to The China Study first, it is full of facts and information that will change the way you feel about food and then Eat To Live gives you basic steps to achieve the new lifestyle goals you will want to set. I didn't follow the day by day recipes in Eat to Live, I have created some of my own that follow his guidelines (see recipes). His guidelines are basically: 3 pieces of fruit for breakfast, salad with beans for lunch with a piece of fruit for dessert, then 1 pound of cooked veggies for dinner with a small salad and a piece of fruit for dessert. Try to get 5 fruits, 1 pound of raw mostly green veggies, and 1 pound cooked mostly green veggies a day! Sounds like a lot of work but ,WOW has it been worth it for me and my family! 


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    • WEEKLY WEIGH IN 8/16/09

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    •  8/16/2009 9:45:00 PM
    • Well, this was a fun week. I was able to do my juice cleanse and couldn't wait to weigh in.

      LOSS OF 6 POUNDS!! FEELING FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I was so excited to see those results, I was dying to weigh in and see how and if the juice cleanse worked! I am so happy with my results (my husband lost almost 15 pounds juice cleansing!!)

      It's very possible that some or all of the weight will come back, but man it was fun to see that number. I will continue to focus on eating right this week and hopefully be a model newbie mommy for you to follow! I am really excited to have you lose weight with me! I am not expecting a big number next week,  just hoping not to gain!!

      Feel free to post your loss or gain in the comments. I won't tell! :)

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    •  8/16/2009 9:38:07 PM
    • This was my first go with a juice cleanse. My plan was to drink two 10 oz juices a day for three days (and as much water as I wanted).  There are many purposes to doing a juice cleanse. The first thing that intrigued me was the WEIGHT LOSS!! As I read more about it,  I realized there are so many more benefits of juice cleansing. It allows our bodies and our organs to rest, because we are drinking everything there is no need for our our bodies to process anything.  It also allows all the built up toxins to be released. Sometimes you get sick while juice cleansing because you are waking up old toxins that have been sitting in our organs. There are two times you get sick from the toxins, on there way in and on there way out. It makes sense right? They are also good to do after a vacation or holiday, and anytime after you have been eating a lot of processed foods. Most books I have read recommend a juice cleanse once a quarter.

      Day one: Friday morning I had my first drink, not too bad. (as I have mentioned before, I would rather drink my meals and know my body is properly nourished than take the time to plan out meals and eat). By the evening I was still feeling great. I did a little running around with the kids during the day and was surprised to still have energy. I had my second drink that evening and I felt great! I wasn't missing food at all.

      Day two: Saturday morning, I planned a BIKRAM YOGA session with a friend. I had my drink on the way and was so excited to go. I was a bit nervous because  BIKRAM YOGA is a 90 minute series of poses in a HOT and HUMID room. Its not uncommon for people to get sick and dizzy and sometimes throw up. I have gone in the past and never suffered in any way, but with just juice in my body,  I was worried. I thoroughly enjoyed my session, however I did get a little sick and dizzy! I was exhausted by the end and had to miss a couple of my favorite poses. I took it easy for the rest of the day and looked forward to my evening juice. 

      Day three: I was finally starting to miss food. There wasn't anything specific that I wanted, but I was not looking forward to that same juice! I drank it, but had to force myself to smile through it. I was for sure seeing the weight loss results and couldn't wait to weigh in. I had my juice and around lunch time I decided to have a piece of watermelon (its a half cheat, because its mostly water) I just needed a different flavor!! By the final evening I was so done drinking the same juice, I had to force it down.  I had more fruit and couldn't wait to weigh in.

      THE RESULTS: I LOST 6 POUNDS IN THREE DAYS!!!!!!  Now that it is all said and done I feel great, I was surprised  that I had as much energy as I did. I would recommend it. I am however nervous to see how quickly the weight comes back or if  it will stay off, if the juice cleanse will mess with my metabolism, and if getting back into exercise will be hard on me. Stay tuned!


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    •  8/14/2009 12:23:58 PM
    • Simple basic steps that I took to change my life, health, and my dress size!!

      After each of my pregnancies I feel like I have worked very hard to lose the weight and get back into those fantastic skinny jeans. I started working extra hard after having twins. I had a long way to go! I signed up for a boot camp workout class when my twins were 11 weeks.  I started working my butt off, literally. The first month, I killed it!! I lost 5 lbs and a bunch of inches. I was so excited to keep it up, but five months later, I knew I was healthier cardiovascularly but I had only lost another inch or two and wasn't seeing big changes on the scale. I was pretty disappointed. My trainer would tell me not to pay attention to the scale, to look at how far I have come physically. My push-ups increased and my level of endurance, I was faster than ever, how can that be? I worked so hard everyday yet still not losing? I focused on my nutrition, trying the "eat five small meals a day" trick. I kept a food journal to show my trainer, he was shocked to see what I ate. I was not over eating by any means. With four little kids to take care of all day, I barely had time to eat. We chalked up my non-weight loss to stress and a busy schedule, but I still wasn't satisfied with that answer. Veteran mommy and I had talked about food and nutrition a little bit, but she wasn't big on pushing her ideas on other people. Maintenance mommy on the other hand brought over her copy of the China Study and said, "take this and read it!"  Then Veteran mommy offered up her book on CD along with "Eat to Live" on CD. My husband and I listened to them on a road trip. Changed our diets and our life! Eight weeks later my husband was FIFTY pounds lighter (he hadn't even started working out yet!!) and looking HOT!! I was 13 lbs lighter, at a normal BMI, and starting to fit into some of my old clothes!! I still haven't made it to those skinny jeans, but I'm striving daily to follow this new way of eating and be truly healthy AND look smokin hot :) My mother-in-law has lost over 30 lbs in a couple of months, and now my father-in-law is seeing that there is truth to this whole new way of eating. He has just started following it! It's just so exciting, I love how simple it is and it rings true when you take the time to read or listen to the information.


      STEP ONE: read or listen to "The China Study" and "Eat to Live"

      STEP TWO: follow them!!


      STEP FOUR: stick with us, continue to gain knowledge, follow our recipes, read veteran and maintenance mommies blog posts (they really know what they are talking about!!)

      We put this website together to help each other with fun recipe ideas and nutrition information. Hopefully this will make the process so much easier for you. I have always loved fitness and encouraging people around me to get fit.  I would love to take a group of people and challenge the BIGGEST LOSER folks! I know by just focusing on this diet we could put up big numbers like they do for a lot less than 6-8 hours a day of exercise!!  Maybe even beat them! I feel fantastic and have found the easiest way to lose those post pegnancy pounds as well as have the energy to chase my kids around! I just want to share it with all of you!


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    • WEEKLY WEIGH-IN 8-9-09

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    •  8/11/2009 8:40:41 PM
    • Skipped a week, I know. I am sorry. We were out of town without my regular scale!!

      DRUM ROLL PLEASE.. or maybe not!!

      After being on vacation for 11 days... I am sad to say, no weight loss!!

      I wasn't able to stick with the diet perfectly and I ate a few things that do not follow the guidelines. I am excited to be back at home and in my own environment  with my veggie steamer and flax seed grinder (daily essentials for me). Making my own bread and granola today. I can't wait to get back in my routine and get losing again!!

      ***After being home for two days my weight is the same as when I left!!  NO permanent WEIGHT GAIN from VACATION!! PHEW!!!!!!!!

      Hope you kept up while I was gone. Please post your weight loss in comments!

      If you have an off week like me, chalk it up to reality and get back on track!! Lets get skinny and healthy together!!


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    • WEEKLY WEIGH-IN 7-26-09

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    •  8/11/2009 8:29:11 PM
    • Yikes.... I think I will be using that word for the next couple of weigh-ins..... ( back tracking to catch up. I did weigh in, but didn't have my comp to blog it.. forgive me?)

      I weighed in and knew it wasn't going to be a big one.. in fact with having visitors at our house I was planning to have possibly gained.

      I am proud to say that I lost  .2 (yes thats a POINT TWO LOSS)

      I am now considered NORMAL BMI!!!!

      What was that.. congrats to me? Why THANK YOU!!

      Keep on trucking peeps! It's so easy to drop the pounds if you are eating a whole food-plant based diet. If you haven't yet, please read (or listen to) Eat to Live by Joel furhman. It will change your life.


      I still have a quite  few to go to be at my goal weight!!

      Leave a comment with your weight loss. Join me on this path to a happy healthier self!

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    • Eating Healthy on VACATION.... possible? YES!!

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    •  8/11/2009 8:16:25 PM
    • Where have I been?? A little Family Vacation time before school starts. Yippee!!

      My husband and I loaded up the car to head out for a long road trip. We usually stop to get gas and snacks before hitting the road meaning... chips, sunflower seeds, candy, and always a soda for my husband. Not anymore!! Boy have things changed! It takes a few extra minutes of my time to pre pack snacks. We take baby carrots, apples, clementines, almonds, sugar snap peas, and water bottles. I throw them into to little snack size baggies and put it all in a cooler we keep in the car. I can easily pass them out while en route, It works out great. Sometimes I get complaints from my oldest, who was use to getting her chips and candy for the road, but for the most part we have satisfied kiddos!

      We arrived at our first destination knowing that we would only be there for a couple of days before continuing on to our final stop. I knew there would be very little options for whole foods, so we picked up a few of our own things and just made it work. We had a great time, but I was getting nervous about the lb's I would be packing on. Knowing that my goal is to drop quite a few more and how finicky my body is, even on vacay, I have to watch what I eat.  We had an extended family photo shoot and headed on our way to our final vacation destination.

      We checked in for the night.... but not after eating at the Olive Garden (one of my old favs)! Yikes, we had been on the road forever and were starving, which clouded my judgment for sure. I ordered the eggplant parmesan with alfredo sauce..... what was I thinking, right? I ate a lot of salad and enjoyed half of my dinner before feeling stuffed. I would say about 6 hours later you would've found me (if you were up) lying on the bathroom floor for a couple of hour, so sick and miserable. I knew my body would hate me for it, but man I learned my lesson! No more clouded judgments, I hope!

      First thing the next morning we headed out the the local grocery store. I purposely planned my vacation near a COSTCO! My favorite place to buy fresh and frozen produce!! We stocked up for the week and were set to go. I pulled out my VITA-MIX and made my favorite replenish smoothie (see recipes) loaded with spinach! YUM, I was feeling better already.

      Off to the pool with the kids. We spent the rest of the week enjoying, fresh mangos, peaches, avocados, salads with tomatoes and cucumbers, rice and black beans, anytime dip (see recipes),  a lot of smoothies, and my kids favorite refried bean tacos.

      We usually end up eating out at least once per day on vacation, it saved us time and money but most importantly pounds and health! This was a new adventure for us and I say it was big success!!

      You can EAT HEALTHY ON VACATION, it just takes a little more planning, but WELL WORTH IT!! I loved coming home from vacation still feeling good. OK, so we weren't perfect, I am pretty sure I had a couple of ice cream sandwiches and shared an Oreo shake with my kids... but it feels good to start merging these two lifestyles and know how simple it is.

      *I weighed myself the morning after I got home and I was up a couple of pounds but have since lost them! I am pretty sure it was due to salt and water retention and sitting driving..... all that jive!


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