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    •  7/30/2009 11:06:57 AM
    • This is a whole new world for me. I always thought the people who made their own baby food must have a lot of spare time. Something that I don't have with my four kids. After changing my diet and learning about how NUTRITION AFFECTS OUR OVERALL HEALTH. I decided I had to try it out. I have been reading "Super Baby Food" it is full of great information. However, I was starting to feel overwhelmed with all the new info from all the books I have been reading and now, MAKING HEALTHY BABY FOOD?!  I started with just some basic combinations. I peel a banana and chop and apple, throw it into my vita-mix with 2 tsp of ground flaxseed(because I am feeding twins, use only ONE tsp for one baby). IT WORKED!!!  SUPER EASY!!   I am still working on getting enough healthy fats into their diets without yogurts and cheese. I give them half an avocado a day and they seem to love it. I smash it up with oatmeal or brown rice. I take the cooked brown rice and an avocado and throw it in my vita-mix. A few seconds to make HEALTHY and EASY HOMEMADE BABY FOOD.  I am amazed and beyond thrilled at how simple it really can be. I am not perfect, I do have on hand a few jars of baby food (good earth is the closest I can find to homemade) for those rushed and on the go moments.



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    • Sneaking in HEALTHY FOODS

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    •  7/30/2009 10:27:00 AM
    • I love to find new ways to sneak in the extra greens, especially when you can't taste it!

      I like to take a recipe, follow directions the first time, then change things up and make it my own. With the anytime dip, I chop the cilantro and then add a leaf or two of kale. When I mix it all up no one knows the kale is in there and it doesn't change the flavor at all.

      Confetti enchiladas, thats another great place to throw in kale or collard greens, just chopped them up and throw them in the mix.  

      Smoothies.... you can hide anything in a smoothie! I always add spinach and flax seed. My kids even ask for the green smoothie now. I love that feeling when you hand your kids something you know it truly good for them and they don't complain!!

      I get so excited when I can trick my family and myself into eating our greens! Hee Hee!



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    •  7/24/2009 10:31:08 AM
    •  I am a BUSY MOM with not a lot of time, if you are eating only WHOLE FOODS then you know how long it can take to not only prepare but eat them.  I have been learning how to incorporate all of this into my everyday life.

      I have become big fan of drinking my meals. I love coming home from my morning workout and having my replenish smoothie, putting a fun combo of fresh and frozen fruits into my vita-mix! It tastes great, doesn't take a lot of time to make, and I can drink while I am feeding my twins or getting my other kids dressed and ready for the day. I get my three fruits and a spinach boost! What I love even more about this drink is that MY KIDS LOVE IT! Its HEALTHY and I can feel like a great mom when I see them get all that nutrition in a yummy drink.

      At first, my lunches would take me over an hour to make and eat. I just can't put that much time into eating right now. I was making big delicious salads, trying to get the maximum amount of green veggies in one sitting. Now I really enjoy having a green lunch smoothie throwing everything into my vita-mix. I can have that in the car with me while picking up and dropping off kids. I bring that with a few carrots or grapes (anything I can throw in a small lunch baggie) and enjoy my lunch on the go. HEALTHY, EASY, and FAST!!

      Dinners, I try to eat at home. If we end up out with friends, then I try to get a green drink in before I go to bed.

      I am still learning and adjusting to this new and fantastic lifestyle. I am so happy to find new ways to incorporate eating WHOLE FOODS on the go.

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    • Weekly Weigh Ins..........

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    •  7/20/2009 8:00:00 PM


      First, I must say... Where are my supporters?? I want you to weigh in with me! Let's not do this alone! I am committing to ALL (OK so maybe I don't have any) my followers. That way I have someone to report to and be accountable when I want to stay and have that pastry... my weakness!

      Sunday July 19th- LOSS of 1.1lbs this week!!!!


      Please feel free to comment and leave your weight loss/gain and maybe an explanation. I don't want you to feel you need to put your current weight, I am not sharing mine. Just let me know whether you are gaining or losing.

      Happy eating!! This is the best way to eat yourself THIN and HEALTHY!! If you haven't yet, read  or listened to "eat to live" by Joel Furhman or "the china study" by T. Colin Campbell. They will change your life and your dress/pants size!!!



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    • Getting started

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    •  7/20/2009 7:48:00 PM
    •   After listening to Dr Joel Furhmans CD "Eat to Live" I had all the information I needed to protect my family. I was ready to come home and tackle this new idea..... uh how, where, and what do I buy and cook? I feel so lucky to have had veteran and maintenance mommy so willing to help me out. I started with a trip to a whole foods market. I tried to pretend I knew what I was looking for and how to get around this new grocery store. I saw foods claiming to be "healthy and organic" that really aren't. I was a fish out of water. I followed maintenance mommy around the store, picking up what she picked up, just hoping that when I got home I would know what to do with all these new veggies. I had recipes from Joel Furhmans book that I was determined to follow. Day one I went to the store three times to pick up all the ingredients for one dinner. I spent way too much and cooked for a couple of hours.... I was so excited to sit down with my family and enjoy this wonderful HEALTHY meal. It  looked amazing..... it was GROSS.  No one really liked it. Too many new foods at once.  I was pretty discouraged, but still determined to try again. It took me a couple of days to realize I don't have to change everything all at once. We have meals that we love that are healthy and very nutritarian. I changed my mind set. I started adapting old recipes. Changing just a couple of things at a time. Finding foods my kids liked and trying to make them healthy.

      My kids are still learning and adjusting to this new way of eating. For the most part I can get them to try something new with each meal. They are interested in what is healthy and why other things are not healthy. I feel like if I explain to them why we are changing things then it will be easier for them to get on board with the changes. Changing the milk out was not a problem at all. We tried soy and rice milk, they like rice milk. We changed breakfast from the basic cereal, or eggs and toast to a delicious smoothie (every now and again we have a bowl of cereal but I try for the whole or organic). Lunch and dinner  are going pretty good, my girls like salads, rice and beans with tomatoes and avocados, lettuce wraps, and the anytime dip with rice or lettuce or even low sodium chips. I am trying to come up with some fun, easy things to make and take for school lunches in the fall... stay tuned for that. I am crossing my fingers that maintenance mommy will tackle that one as well! ;)

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    • Weight LOSS! SO EASY!!

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    •  7/16/2009 10:50:53 AM
    •  Alright ladies, this is the REAL deal......After my husband and I listened to Joel Furhman's, "Eat to Live" we decided to take on his challenge and follow his diet rules for 6 weeks. My husband (who has never EVER adjusted his meat loving diet) was so committed, more committed to it than I was (shh, don't tell him)!! A serious shocker. He started losing weight immediately, 10lbs in the first week! After 6 weeks of following the "Eat to Live" guidelines he has lost 40lbs!!! He feels great and stronger than ever. My weight loss was steady and  great for me, I lost 12lbs in the six weeks. It was amazing to watch how easy it was for both of us. We talk about it all the time..... how frustrating to live our whole life and have us and  family members struggle with weight gains and up and down, when it is SOOO simple to lose! If you are skeptical please give it a try, even a week or two makes a difference. The basic plan, in its simplest form is so easy to follow. Try to eat 3-5 fruits a day, 1 pound of raw veggies, 1 pound of cooked veggies. Read the book!!!!! Its so worth giving it a try!!

      Breakfast- all fruit (3 fruits) That's why I LOVE my morning smoothies.

      Lunch- green salad with lots of veggies and 1 cup of beans on top (my anytime dip works great)

      Dinner- steamed/cooked or water sauteed veggies and another salad.

      Try not to use salt,  heavy salad dressings, and stay away from treats of any kinds for now. Man, its amazing what 6 weeks will do.  My husband and I feel so much better and let me be honest, he is looking smokin' hot! He still has another 40+ and is staying on track.

      ***I still have some pounds to lose.. I am in weight loss mode and am now recommitting to all my peeps through this blog that I will try to be more strict and a model student of Joel Furhman, no promises because life is BUSY with four kids. But I will try. My plan is to have weekly weigh-ins on my blog. I will not write my current weight, just the pound/ounces lost. I invite you to join me. Start your journey today, lose weight and feel fantastic!


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    • My Story

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    •  12/9/2011 9:10:19 PM
    • My journey toward a healthier life and family through nutrition began in June 2009. I always considered myself a healthy eater and nutritionally aware. I have recently learned how off I was. We took a ten hour road trip to visit family. I borrowed a couple of books on CD (The China Study and Eat to Live) from Veteran mommie. I was hoping to convince my husband of his unhealthy ways and hoped that by listening to them together he just might give up his daily Pepsi. I had no idea it would change the way I have been eating and living my own life.


      Let me take you back a little bit.


      March 7th 2007: I got some blood test results back that sent me into a panic. I had tested positive for BRCA1. A known cancer causing gene. The studies show that I have around a 92% chance of developing breast cancer and around a 42% of developing ovarian cancer in my lifetime. I took a look at my life, I wasn't overweight or unhealthy in any way. I had two beautiful children.... daughters that I could have passed this horrific gene to. What could I do? How could I change my fate? I decided to sign up to run a marathon. I thought that if I could get my body to be so healthy I could at least beat it when it came a long. Also by running I could be a great example of health and fitness for my daughters to follow (in case, heaven forbid, I passed the gene to them) I have spent the last two years with this hanging over my head. During the two years we decided we wanted to have one more child before doing the only preventative measure that would secure me not getting those cancers, removal of my breasts and ovaries. I got pregnant and we had twin girls.... I was thrilled and I love them dearly but my heart broke to think... two more girls to have to wonder if I passed on my deadly cancer gene to. It was devastating to think about this every night before I went to bed or when I watched them play together. Wondering not really if, but when I get my cancer, will be able to fight it and live to see them get married. would I live to be a grandma to their children. Will I have to watch my daughters suffer through these same thoughts or cancers?


      The good news: After listening to The China Study and Eat to Live I have completely changed the way I feel about my gene. I know its still there but I also now have the knowledge to feed my body in a way that I can help fight or even prevent the cancers from ever coming. I felt over whelming relief, not only because I now feel safer, but for my FOUR daughters. I have the power to feed and teach them proper and true nutrition information to help keep their bodies healthy and hopefully cancer free.


      I no longer plan to have the extreme surgeries for peace of mind. I have peace of mind from this new knowledge I have. (I will continue to get my annual mammograms and MRI's, but with less daily fear). I know I may sound a little loony to some of you. If you are a skeptic like me, read the books. There is so much scientific research and evidence over and over again about the link between the foods we eat and the diseases in our nation. I now fully understand the saying, Knowledge is Power! I am now a PRO-ACTIVE PRE-VIVOR!!


      Excerpt from "Disease Proof Your Child" by Joel Furhman


      *Carcinogenesis, the process that leads to cancer, is believed to occur in a series of steps. It is a multistage process that begins with pre-cancerous cellular damage that gradually proceeds to more malignant changes. The first step is the development of cellular abnormalities, which eventually leads to cancer. This usually occurs during adolescence or soon after puberty. Remember that unhealthful childhood nutritional practices cause excessive sex hormone production and early pathologic changes in the breast tissue that set the stage for cancer many years later.


      Studies have shown that the arrival of puberty at an earlier age is a significant marker of increased risk. Furthermore, there is overwhelming evidence that ovarian hormones play a crucial role, in all stages, in the development of breast cancer. It is common knowledge among physicians that the earlier a woman matures, as measured by the age of her first menstrual period, the higher her risk for breast cancer. Both early menarche and greater body weight are markers of increased risk of breast cancer.


      Ominously, the onset of menstruation has been occurring at a younger and younger age in Western societies during this century. For example, the average age in the United States is now about twelve years; however, according to the World Health Organization, the average age at which puberty began in 1840 was seventeen. In addition, during the same time period, there has been an increased consumption of fat, refined carbohydrates, cheese and meat, and there has been a huge decrease in the consumption of starchy plants, beans, fruit and nuts. A greater consumption of animal foods leads to a higher level of hormones related to early reproductive function and growth. These hormonal abnormalities persist into adulthood. Uterine fibroids (or tumors) also develop from a diet deficient in fruits and vegetables and heavy in cheese and meat. As the consumption of meat increases and vegetation decreases, one’s risk of fibroids increases proportionately.


      *-Joel Furhman "Disease Proof your Child"



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