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    • The cancer project: spread the word

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    •  10/24/2009 9:39:41 AM
    • While driving home late last weekend, my husband heard an ad on the radio for "The cancer project". He was surprised to hear about it on the radio. He told me all about it in the morning and we looked up the site. I was thrilled to find that someone(group) is so willing to get this information out there for free. We are a nation in need of this information. Cancer prevention, who doesn't want that? Why aren't people more willing to listen? It amazes me how many people, even my own family members, will not take it seriously. When I read and found information that would insure my families health I jumped on it. I have BRCA1 and I could easily have passed it on to my four daughters. I feel like feeding them a whole food plant based diet is just like giving them their daily dose of preventative medicine. This FREE website is all about getting the info out there. They have free recipes and books that they will send you. They only ask for donations to help support their cause. I am all for it!! 

      I read through the site and found Ellen Jaffe Jones wrote an article called "Beating the genetic odds". In her family there are many diseases, including breast cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Her doctors have told her it is genetic and she will have to deal with it as it comes. She decided to take the matter into her own hands and fight it with proper nutrition. (eating a WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED diet)She is by far the healthiest member of her family to this day.

      Read more :

      Let's spread the word and start saving people from unnecessary suffering.


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    • T Colin Campbell on Larry King Live!!

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    •  10/14/2009 8:41:40 AM
    • Wow, I was thrilled to watch Dr. Campbell debate his points of view on Larry King last night. The discussion started with e.coli issues and then turned to animal protein, is it good or bad? I got on line this morning and found the transcript to read through. I was so excited to hear Dr Campbell's closing statement:

      "..........There is on the horizon -- let me show you, Larry -- some information about nutrition now that we're going to hear about in the next year or two. I have to say, it's going to knock the socks off some folks. " -T Colin Campbell

      It just makes me so excited to hear this new information. I loved watching Dr Campbell's reactions toward Nancy Rodriguez, Ph D, professor, University of Connecticut. She believes that animal proteins are the best source of protein and other nutrients in the smallest amount of calories:

      "....if you were to look at getting the essential amino acids or the building blocks of proteins from solely a plant-based diet -- for example, the 25 grams of proteins that you can get in three ounces of meat for 200 calories, it would take one-and-a-half cups of black beans, seven tablespoons of peanut butter for 350 and almost 700 calories respectively. And the quality of that protein would still not be the equivalent of what you're going to find in animal proteins like beef and eggs and dairy." - Nancy Rodriguez

      She obviously doesn't get the big pictures. Dr Campbell just shook his head while she made several statements. It was interesting to watch them go back and forth. If you are interested in reading the rushed transcript published by CNN:

      I am hoping to have the video clip up soon.



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    • Renegade lunch lady

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    •  10/13/2009 10:58:52 AM
    • I was so excited to find this news clip.

       I would love to be able to send my kids to school knowing they would actually be eating nutritious food. Wow, What a concept!  The statistics speak for themselves, 1 in 3 children in America will be diagnosed with diabetes!! It's time we start questioning why and how can we prevent this? The diabetes either comes from obesity or other foods. Type 1 diabetes has been linked to cows milk.  Diabetes is costing Americans $174 billion a year!! It makes me crazy that we are so willing to pay for a prescriptions and medical treatment, but not willing to pay the extra few bucks for proper nutrition that WILL prevent the disease from ever occurring.

      Its time for us to demand better for our children, for their health, and to give them the best we can.


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    • Monthly Weigh In 9-30-09

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    •  10/10/2009 9:10:12 AM
    • I decided to switch from weekly to monthly because I am down to that last 15 lbs that I need to lose and that just seems to take a little longer. I am however, very happy to report a 5.1 pound LOSS!!

      I have ten pounds left to reach my goal weight!!

      My BMI is 23.8 NORMAL!!! 

      I am back to the size/weight pre-pregnancy! My twins aren't even a year old yet. I lost the bulk of my weight as soon as I switched my diet. I originally had my focus on fitness over nutrition. So in 5 months I lost all the baby weight with a diet shift!! Its unbelievable!!

      I love how good my body feels! After I weighed in, I got mad at myself for falling off the wagon for a bit. I am back on and hoping to get the last ten pounds off this month?? (unrealistic maybe but, I am a dreamer!) Wish me luck!


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    • Off and On

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    •  10/1/2009 9:02:13 AM
    • I think we all go through phases where we are more dedicated to our goals. At first I struggled with the idea of messing up the diet!! AHHH scary. Now I realize that there will be days (or weeks) where I am picking up and dropping off kids, painting the house, doing the laundry, and just trying to maintain the day to day, and I don't have the energy to think and prepare healthy meals. I realize that is is OK to fall of fa little as long as I come back to it. It's interesting to feel the immediate difference in my body and energy levels just from a meal or two. I think its good to be aware, but better to stay on board. If you have fallen off, COME BACK!! If you need a little motivation, re-read "The China Study" or read it for the first time,  It makes changing your diet, lifestyle, and pants size a no brainer!




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