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    • The Best Food on the PLANET!!!

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    •  10/15/2012 10:20:57 PM
    • Do you ever have days where you haven't eaten that good and it's time for dinner and all you want to do is eat something extremely healthy - to compensate for your lack?

      Or have you had days where you have eaten healthy and you want to continue that and end it with a BANG- a mega dose of health?


      If you can relate to either one of these, this is the recipe for you.


      Oh- just a heads up...I'm not posting this recipe because of it's taste.  I'm not going to rave about how yummy it is.  It actually has one ingredient...and let's just say- I've never heard someone promote it for it's flavor.  BUT... I will tell you this- the more you eat this, the better it tastes.  I have gotten really good at cooking it- and actually my mouth looks forward to it.


      Here is the recipe:  STEAMED KALE.


      The most nutrient dense food on the PLANET!  Why wouldn't you want to try to eat this dark leafy green daily?  And according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, this vegetable is actually better for you when it is lightly steamed.  So I wanted to show you how I eat my KALE.


      Here you go:



      1.  Costco sells this bag of Organic Kale that makes this recipe SUPER EASY!


      2.  I place as many HUGE handfuls of kale that I can fit into my steamer pot (1/3 to 1/2 of the bag). After water is bowling, I place the steamer on the pot and cover.


      3.  I steam for approx. 6 minutes...but check the kale before I take it off the stove.  The color needs to be vibrant green and the leaf needs to be limp, but not overcooked.  The sure test is the taste, the bitterness is gone and the flavor is edible.  It might take a couple times to master this, but once you get it...the Kale tastes pretty good.


      4.  Once the kale is to my liking, I immediately remove the steamer from my pot and run cold water over my kale.  This stops it from cooking.  You don't want to overcook this vegetable.



      5.  After I run cold water through it, I begin to squeeze it with my hands until all the water is drained.  You will have a nice sized ball of dark leafy greens and TA are done.  I place this in a bowl and actually eat it with my hands.  Believe it or not, but my girls will come up and eat it with me.  My boy on the other hand won't touch the stuff when I cook it this way.  We will keep trying :)


      And there you have it...steamed kale.  Not the best tasting recipe, but one that I couldn't live without.

      So how do you eat your kale?

      Let us know on Facebook- we would love to hear from you!


      LIFE IS GOOD! 

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    • The Best Canning Recipe EVER!

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    •  10/11/2012 11:43:21 AM
    • My MOM is the BEST!!!  She gave me a great present a couple of weeks my book it is PRICELESS!


      She gave me 14 jars of the BEST CANNED TOMATOES EVER!!!


      She said that she wanted to SERVE me and my family and thought we would enjoy this.  Enjoy doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about them.  Having these jars on hand means I have 14 easy, quick, and healthy meals at my finger tips.  Basically I pour a jar into my soup pot, add any vegetables I have on hand along with a can of beans (I love using the beans in the picture below), and I have a super yummy meal.  This recipe gives the tomatoes such a good flavor- I don't have to add any other seasonings to help it taste good.



      It is her special recipe that takes a little more effort than just canning tomatoes, but it is well worth it!


      The BEST Canned Tomatoes Ever!



      1.  Scald, Skin and quarter a 1/2 bushel of garden tomatoes (should almost fill a cold pack canner- making sure you have enough room in the pot for vegetable mixture below).

      2.  OPTIONAL:  Run the quartered tomatoes through a food processor for smoother texture (kids prefer this because the finished product will have no chunks).

      3.  Place tomatoes on stove top in large pot (I use a cold pack canner pot) and bring to a boil, leave on medium high while you move onto the next step.

      4.  In a food processor, chop the following vegetables (you don't need to mince them, just thoroughly chop):  6 large onions, 3 medium green peppers and 1 bunch of celery.

      5.  Place vegetable mixture in a seperate pot and cook for 30 minutes with 3/4 cup water. (Your kitchen will be smelling SO GOOD at this point).

      6.  Add the vegetable mixture to your bubbling tomatoes.

      7.  Add the following ingredients to your mixture:  1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup non-iodized salt.  Mix thoroughly.

      8.  Place 2 TBS of LEMON JUICE in your quart jars (this should make about 14-18 jars total).  And then pour the tomato mixture into them.

      9.  Pressure cook at 13 lbs for 35 minutes.

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    • Daily Recommendations for Vegetarian Kids

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    •  10/4/2012 9:31:07 PM
    • We have many questions emailed to us about what to feed children to make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need while eating a whole food plant based diet.  I remember when I first started feeding my family this way- I was concerned about my little one's and if I was feeding them what their growing bodies needed.


      As I was looking through some old papers the other day I found this chart below.  When I had my first child (almost 8 years ago) this is the chart I used to help me know I was good.  I can't remember the exact place I found this- I tried to find it on PCRM's website with no luck- so I attached it below.


      This is a great resource to help with all ages of children.


      So using this chart- Here is a example of what my 3 year old eats in a day:


      Steel Cut Oats with Sliced apples and chopped walnuts


      Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Sandwich (using WFM's nut butter blend found here)

      Carrots and Cucumbers


      Fruit Smoothie with RICE or SOY milk and spinach


      Black Bean Lettuce Wraps (found here) with steamed kale


      Hope this helps!


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