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    • Family Dinner Time

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    •  7/25/2011 10:04:55 PM
    • How many of you made a wonderful healthy dinner tonight for your family?


      Whether is was healthy or many of you sat down as a family and ate dinner all together?


      Did you know that the number of those who report that their "whole family usually eats dinner together" has declined 33 percent (this was found in a 2007 magazine it very easily could be more today).  This is most concerning because the time a family spends together "eating meals at home is the strongest predictor of children's academic achievement and psychological adjustment." (Family Relations, Anderson and Doherty)


      Family mealtimes have also been shown to be strong protection against children's smoking, drinking, or using drugs. (The Magic of the Family Meal, Nancy Gibbs).


      There is inspired wisdom in this advice to parents:  What your children really want for dinner is you!


      Now... the purpose of this fun website that you are reading right now is to teach & inspire others to feed their families whole food plant based meals...but I can't help but add these words of wisdom.


      How often do you sit down as an ENTIRE family and eat a meal together?  I have 3 young children who are home most of the time, but I still find it difficult to round up the youngsters and sit and eat a meal together.  Whether one child isn't hungry or whether I am running so late that I don't get to sit down until everyone else has left the table.  These are some of my excuses...but I don't want to make them anymore.


      It's time to get motivated!  Motivated to eat dinner as a FAMILY consistently!  I find the first steps to being motivated to make a change are:  I must first create a plan, then I need to choose it...then I follow it consistently (daily).


      "Sometimes people tell me motivation doesn't last...I tell them neither does bathing, that's why I recommend it daily."  -Zig


      Make a plan to eat dinner as a family as much as possible.  Whether you are already doing this or you need a bit of a fresh start.  Set a plan to help you do this...CHOOSE IT- and go!


      And if you are like me...I choose to use my time wisely- and that means I need WISE healthy, time-saving dinners.  Here are a few from our recipe section.  These are fast, filling & fabulous!


      Quick Pasta Dinner

      Anytime Bean Dip- Dinner

      Bean Tacos

      Potato Medley

      Meal-On-A-Plate Salad

      Breakfast Burrito



      much love!

      Veteran Mommy





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    • Childhood Sickness & Nutrition

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    •  7/18/2011 11:14:02 PM
    • Hello MOMMIES out there!


      I hope all of you have had a wonderful week and are so excited to start a new one!  There is something about Monday's that I just's like starting over... you know?  Can you relate?  Or are you like my husband who can't stand Monday's because it means going back to work?  Either way- Happy Monday!


      So last week for me was many projects, appointments, "to do's", and to start the week off, my little girl got sick.  It all started last Sunday.  I was sitting in my living room with my three kids when my little 22 month old began playing in my purse.  I immediately ask her to stop, when she proceeded to open the purse and throw-up all over it.  Luckily, the majority of her lovely mess got in my purse and not on my carpet...BUT IT GOT IN MY PURSE!  Is that ever a good thing?  After I did my best cleaning up her lovely gift to me, I bathed her and held her close.  It seemed like out of no where she had a fever.


      FEVER's in children...what are your thoughts?


      Because of my love for natural remedies and my passion for natural healing- FEVERS to me are a GIFT.  Let me repeat myself (just for the fun of it and maybe to be a little dramatic)...


      FEVERS are good!


      To some of you- this might not be crazy because you have the same type of mind set as me...but to others a merry attitude about your child's fever may seem far-fetched.


      There is a "fever phobia" in our society today.  This unreasoning and unwarranted FEAR of FEVER has prevented many children from undergoing a needed HEALING experience.

      Did you know that a fever, mucus production, vomiting, rash and diarrhea are among the immune system's most IMPORTANT tools for cleansing the body.

      Did you also know that when you suppress these symptoms with medication, you're sending those wastes and toxins more deeply into your child's body, where they will be stored indefinitely-or until their immune system rallies again in an attempt to be rid of them.  This is why children so often have runny noses, coughs, rashes, diarrhea, fever, & vomiting:  their immune systems are actively working, pushing wastes and toxins out to make way for the growth of new tissues. 


      So in other words...THEY ARE GROWING.


      I could go on and on about this topic...I have read many studies and holistic pediatric literature that has helped me find these truths.  And it's fascinating!


      So if you don't use medication, what do you do with a FEVER?


      Here are a few essentials that I do:


      • Promote my child to empty their bowels.  Usually my children do not have a problem with this.  If you feed your kids WHOLE FOODS, their bowels should empty without an issue.  But I know the sickness will last longer if they haven't had a bowel movement.
      • Dress them warmly.  Toxins, viruses & bacteria grow more quickly if the body isn't warm.  Warmth supports increased immune activity and creates an atmosphere that is less hospitable for bacterial and viral growth.  This is the reason fever exists.  The symptom is the cure!!!
      • Have them eat little or no food during illness- this literally activates the immune system's do not press your child to eat.  When they are hungry offer vegetable broth or veggie soup, herb tea, fresh juice.  Avoid protein-rich foods and especially dairy products.  Definitelyh avoid refined sugar- which hurts immune system.  Keep meals light even after the child is asking for more food.  Take it easy.
      • One of the BEST remedies I have found for a FEVER in my child is the remedy of TOUCH.  The supreme importance of this remedy was firmly placed in me when I had a fever at the beginning of the year.  I was hurting and very uncomfortable when my husband starting massaging my back.  Touch is essential!  So how cool is that?  When my little girl is sick, I get a wonderful excuse to just HOLD HER!  These times are wonderful to me and I treat them as a special blessing!
      • This last bullet point isn't something I perform, it's something that ALWAYS happens as a result of my children having a FEVER.  When the illness is over & done, I SEE A HUGE DEVELOPMENTAL LEAP in my child.  This CHANGE is so's fascinating!  And because I have experienced this over and over again, as soon as my daughter got sick this past week...I knew it would be happening.  And it totaly did, in a matter of 3 1/2 day of being sick, my daughter probably added 10 words to her vocabulary and understands me more ten fold.  It totally happens!!!  Watch for it :)


      Fear is a natural response to powerful forces that we do not understand, and fevers are poorly understood and powerful forces indeed.  When fear gains the upper hand, clear vision and judgment go out the window.  If we can master our fear and sit calmly and reassuringly with our children when they are ill, observing them carefully, there is much we can learn!  We may find that our fear gives way to a healthy respect for the changes that are taking place during our child's healing experience.  We may also learn just how much we love our children!


      We may also increase our confidence in our ability (which I believe ALL mother's were born with) to DISCERN exactly what our children need to get better!  MASTER YOUR FEAR Mothers!  TRUST YOUR GOD GIVEN INSTINCTS!  The more you practice the easier it gets.


      So- in regards to most childhood illnesses...don't forget-



      Have a fabulous week MOMMIES!!!



      Veteran Mommy :)



      references: , Greenstone, Sandra. Healing at Home. Ann Arbor , MI : Healing At Home Resources, 1999, Healing Crisis: Don't Worry Mom, I'm Just Growing! by Melissa L. Block, Dr. Mom's Healing Guide




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