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    • New BEAN product- Must Try!

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    •  6/28/2011 10:07:56 AM
    • Needless to our home WE eat a lot of beans!  It isn't unusual for me to open a can of black beans without even knowing whats for dinner...I just know this is where I start.  Because of our high usage of these NUTRIENT PACKED legumes I get excited when I find new ways to use well as NEW PRODUCTS.  I have found a product that has given my dinners a NEW & DELICIOUS change.


      SW Beans are my favorite brand of canned beans- and they recently added some NEW flavors to their products.



      So instead of just BLACK BEANS in the can- they have added onions, red bell peppers and cumin.  These are usually items I add to my recipes anyway- so it's been wonderful to already have them there if I need to make dinner quick. 


      These beans heated up has been a great lunch for my kids.  They are great over rice.  I have used them in my fajitas, my bean dips, my chili and my bean soup.  THEY ARE THAT GOOD!  I also have liked the Chipotle pinto bean product.  It has great flavor and we have loved them with tortilla chips.


      FYI- I found these at COSTCO for a great price.  Check them out... you won't regret it.

      Check out their website for all the new flavors and nutritional info:



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    • Mitch Spinach

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    •  6/21/2011 7:19:57 AM
    • I had to share this incredible children's book that is all about EATING YOUR VEGETABLES- and it is taught in such a fun way!


      It's about a boy named MITCH who brings ingredients to make a GREEN SMOOTHIE everyday for lunch while his classmates are eating the normal school lunch consisting of Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, etc.  And for some reason Mitch can run faster, see better and hear better than all the other kids. 


      It's a fun story about the benefits of eating VEGETABLES taught in a exciting and entertaining way.


      Dr. Joel Fuhrman who wrote EAT TO LIVE and DISEASE PROOF YOUR CHILD (some of our favorite books) helped write this book.


      There is fun information in the back that helps the parent or teacher TEACH their children what specific vegetables can do for your BODY, including most of your SENSES.


      So they just came out with a NEW BOOK about Mitch Spinach called Mitch Spinach and the Smell of Victory.  Can't wait to see what Mitch is up to next.


      Here is their website:

      Go check it out, they have fun recipes, and other products.


      Through using this information, I volunteered at my children's school and trained them on this book and all the amazing info inside.  There is even a fundraising opportunity.  Just and idea- there can never be enough of this information taught in our schools.

      Have a fabulous day!!!



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    • Food for Thought

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    •  6/14/2011 9:38:15 PM
    • I was in the Doctor's office the other day (which is a very unusual place for me- my husband had too much fun over the weekend and broke his leg- but that is a whole other story)...AND I came across a very interesting article in a National Geographic magazine.


      The title of the article was: FOOD FOR THOUGHT-

      The number of animals killed for food worldwide.


      It caught my attention.


      It gave the top 10 animals that are killed worldwide.  Before I looked at the numbers and their order I immediately looked away and tried to guess the top 3 animals on the list.  I thought I've heard this before (on Oprah I believe) but it turned out that I either forgot it or never heard this before...because if I were to give me a grade on this exercise it would probably be a C-.


      What do you think are the top 3 animals killed for food in the world today? (Try to guess before you look below for the answers)


      Let me give you some interesting info that I noticed.


      • The #1 animal (the one that is killed the most) is 20 times higher in number killed than the 2nd animal on the list.
      • Six of the animals I have number eaten before.
      • The #4 animal on the list I had as a pet growing up- her name was cottontail.





      So know that you have thought about the you go:


      The #1 most killed animal in the world today is....CHICKENS.  52 billion chickens are killed every year.

      The #2 animal are....DUCKS.  2.6 billion ducks are killed annually.

      #3 PIGS - 1.3 billion (I remember in the movie FOOD inc. it stated that in the largest factory in America where they kill pigs- 32,000 pigs are killed every day.  That number was hard for me to get a grasp on...but that is only 11 million a year in the one building.  That is not even close to how many are killed worldwide).

      #4  RABBITS - 1.1 billion (pretty close to the amount of pigs)

      #5  TURKEYS - 633 million

      #6  SHEEP - 518 million

      #7  GOATS - 398 million

      #8  COWS - 293 million

      #9  WATER BUFFALO - 24 million

      #10  CAMELS - 1.7 million


      The article also made a very interesting point about ANTS, which are not part of the list, but are edible.  They state at ANTS are a good source of protein and are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world.  The article read that there are a million ants for every one human being on the planet- THAT's CRAZY!

      What is also crazy is how many animals are killed for human consumption.  I know that if these numbers were lowered, even slightly our planet as a whole would be HEALTHIER in ALL aspects.

      I hope you have a wonderful DAY!



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    • Joel Fuhrman MD - PBS Special

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    •  6/7/2011 6:56:21 AM

      I have begun watching the PBS Special 3 STEPS to INCREDIBLE HEALTH! Presented by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.


      It has been uplifting for me to watch and listen to Dr. Fuhrman explain the WHY's on eating a more PLANT BASED DIET...Even though he has yet to come out and say that exact description.  I am impressed with how he is teaching the steps.  They are simple, they make sense and are logical.


      The 3 STEPS to Incredible Health are:





      He goes on to example in simple terms why micronutrient deficiency & poor nutrition is the cause of disease and sickness.  He adds to this by enthusiastically stating that eating is FUN!!!


      What I have enjoyed the most is being able to hear and see Dr. Fuhrman LOVE what he does.  He states that his PASSION in life is using NUTRITION has the primary therapy for disease and sickness.  I know that he is an extremely intelligent, but I was able to see that he truly LOVES what he does as he expressed his joy when he sees his hundreds of patients change their lives.  He is in the perfect position to see the incredible results of a nutrient dense diet.


      He said that he could easily "water down" this information to make it more acceptable to a broader amount of people, but he doesn't.  HE CAN'T.  As a physician he feels the responsibility to teach the true information that he as found, the information that needs to be heard.


      He says the problem isn't the people...the problem is the bad information that is out there. 

      I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this program!  I love seeing this information on PBS.  Hopefully all of you have been able to see it as well.

      Have a fabulous day!!!



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    • Dr. Joel Fuhrman's PBS Special

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    •  5/31/2011 8:49:46 AM
    • I was so excited to find out that Joel Fuhrman MD will be having a special on PBS.  He will be sharing the three steps to incredible health.


      The show airs in June and Dr. Fuhrman will address the crisis of obesity and chronic disease plaguing America.  He will explain how to quickly lose weight and achieve good health.


      Check your own local listings here to find out when it airs in your area, and DON'T MISS IT!!!

      (In my area- Salt Lake City, Utah- It will be airing on Saturday, June 4th at 2:30 pm)


       Here is a short preview of the special:

      Watch the full episode. See more PBS Specials.

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