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    • Dr. Joel Fuhrman's PBS Special

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    •  5/31/2011 8:49:46 AM
    • I was so excited to find out that Joel Fuhrman MD will be having a special on PBS.  He will be sharing the three steps to incredible health.


      The show airs in June and Dr. Fuhrman will address the crisis of obesity and chronic disease plaguing America.  He will explain how to quickly lose weight and achieve good health.


      Check your own local listings here to find out when it airs in your area, and DON'T MISS IT!!!

      (In my area- Salt Lake City, Utah- It will be airing on Saturday, June 4th at 2:30 pm)


       Here is a short preview of the special:

      Watch the full episode. See more PBS Specials.

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    • RECIPE Reminders

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    •  5/24/2011 11:45:10 AM
    • I thought it would be fun to post a blog reminding ME of some of the killer recipes on our site. (if it reminds any of you...that will be a bonus!!!)


      Definition of "KILLER" recipes:  So yummy good and so yummy healthy and kids even EAT THEM!!!



      Fresh Tostada Salad

      I made this recipe last week and my whole family LOVED it!  Super easy and so good for you!


      Quinoa, Avocado, Sweet Potato Salad

      I LOVE THIS MEAL!  So easy to make and the flavors are irresisible.  My little boy picks off the tomatoes- but everything else he gobbles up!


      WFM Super Bean Burritos

      The possibility for this meal is endless!  I had left over rice that I used last week to make these nutrient dense wraps.  SO GOOD!!!


      Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins


      So these might not be the healthiest- but I love making them every now and then for the kids.  I love finding more ways to use my garden zucchini :)



      So there is so many more KILLER are just a few.  Hope you enjoy the reminder :)



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    • How to prevent BREAST CANCER

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    •  5/21/2011 3:27:40 PM
    • Do you know what the average American woman's risk of developing breast cancer is?


      The National Cancer Institute reports that based on current rates, 12.2 percent of women born in the US today will develop breast cancer at some time in their lives.

      This can also be expressed as "1 in 8".


      Needless to say- Breast Cancer is in our lives today.  Whether it's present in your own family or in someone you know.  And I don't know about you, but "1 in 8" seems really high to me.  So what are the risk factors?


      I turn to a Doctor that I trust & respect for the answer.


      Dr. Joel Fuhrman recently published an article detailing 10 strategies for preventing Breast Cancer- which I found very informational and RIGHT ON!


      Here are the 10 Strategies: 


      1.  Do not drink alcohol.

      2.  Do not smoke.

      3.  Do not take estrogen.

      4.  Have babies and nurse them for two years each.

      5.  Reduce consumption of animal protein.

      6.  Eat lots of green vegetables, mushrooms, and onions.

      7.  Use supplements wisely.

      8.  Use on tablespoon of ground flaxseed daily.

      9.  Don't grill or fry foods.

      10.  Exercise at least three hours a week and maintain a lean body with little body fat.


      For the full article with all the details and full references- check out his site here.


      When I went to the American Cancer Society (ACS) website and researched the RISK FACTORS they acknowledge for BREAST CANCER, it was interesting to see the similarities and the differences between theirs and Dr. Joel Fuhrman's.


      ACS has 3 different categories of Risk Factors:

      1.  Risk Factors you cannot change

      2.  Breast Cancer risk and lifestyle choices

      3.  Uncertain or unproven risk factors


      Check out the full article here.


      To tell you the truth, many of the differences were quit disturbing.  There are 2 I MUST point out:

      1.  ACS places MENSTRUAL PERIODS (women who have periods before age 12) in the "Risk factors you cannot change" category.  I have read and heard research after research about this subject and it seems quite clear to me that this IS A FACTOR YOU CAN CHANGE.  Dr. Pam Popper has in-depth articles about this as well as Dr. Fuhrman.  Check out his amazing HuffPost Health article on this subject here.


      He gives 5 reasons why periods are happening earlier in girl's lives and includes references.

             1.  Increasing rates of childhood overweight and obesity.

             2.  Increased animal protein intake

             3.  High dairy consumption & soft drink consumption

             4.  Children with lower nutrient diets

             5.  Exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (BPA, Phthalates, etc.)


      So I why doesn't ACS doesn't site this information?????


      2.  ACS places "DIET AND VITAMIN INTAKE" in their Uncertain or Unproven risk factor category.

      OK...WHERE DO I START???  This is so SAD to me...that women are told that their DIET doesn't matter.  The ACS says we should just believe them right?  WRONG- check out, and and for more of the right information. AND...


      Hope you have a fabulous day!



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    • Vegetarian Sandwich Wrap

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    •  5/10/2011 7:28:43 AM
    • I made this for lunch the other day and it was so yummy!

      You can substitute any veggie you would like...try it with different

      flavors of hummus & good!



      Vegetarian Sandwich Wrap



      Green onion, chopped
      Bell pepper, seeded and chopped
      Cucumber chopped

      Corn- fresh, frozen or canned will work
      Hummus- any flavor

      Whole grain wraps or Pita Bread
      Roasted red peppers, cut into strips
      1/2 package fresh spinach

      Salsa- optional



      Spread hummus & salsa (if desired) over your wrap and add the desired amount of veggies.

      Eat & enjoy!   


      Here is a picture of my "KEY" ingredients:  (purchased at Costco & Sunflower market)

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    • Dr. Oz & more

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    •  5/3/2011 10:05:15 AM
    • So I know this happened last week (Forks over Knives featured on Dr. Oz)...but I had to write my opinion about the show.


      First of was so COOL to see T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn sitting right next to each other in the audience!  As I sat and watched I kind of got giddy- like I was a crazy groupy for this guys.  I had to laugh to myself because if people didn't know who these guys were- they would think I was a bit off- freaking out over these OLD MEN.  (Even though I think Caldwell is a very handsome man- even more so in person...YES- I had to throw it in AGAIN that I have met him. he looked at my cholesterol results he told me I was "ETERNAL"  SO COOL!!!)


      I thought about the lady sitting right next to these men- and wanted to yell at her...


      If you did...You wouldn't be able to keep you hands off of them!!!! (just kidding ).


      Overall, I was SO IMPRESSED with the SHOW.



      I was expecting Dr. Oz to talk it down a little bit, or throw out comments that this way of eating isn't for everyone...BUT HE WAS TOTALLY ONBOARD and recommends this way of eating for his patients.  LOVE IT!!!  He even agreed with FISH BEING BAD FOR YOU...because I know Dr. Oz is all about FISH.


      In summary- I was really impressed.  I loved seeing Dr. Barnard there...he did an excellant job keeping it simple and getting a STRONG point acrossed.


      My only critic is I wished it could have gone on longer!

      This way of eating is getting out into our society and it is really exciting!  It's no wonder why Whole Food is getting hundreds of hits daily. 

      People want to know more about EATING the right foods to reverse and prevent disease.


      Have a wonderful DAY!!!


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